“Return to family life”: Julien Doré shares his emotion after the end of his tour

Published on December 30, 2022 at 2:29 p.m.


Julien Doré’s “Aimée Tour” ended in mid-December. In a moving video, the artist lets us dive into the 48 hours following his return to normal life.

End clap. After 70 concerts between France, Belgium and Switzerland, Julien Dore completed the “Aimée Tour” in Brussels on December 11. After performing in front of more than 600,000 spectators in total, the singer says goodbye to his fans in a touching video.

Published at Christmas, “back home”, an eleven-minute video produced by videographer Brice VDH, follows Julien Doré during the 48 hours following the end of his tour. Very moved and nostalgic, the singer lets us go behind the scenes of his new life.

We first see him leaving the stage, on December 11, at the Forest National in Brussels, and returning to his dressing room. With tears in his eyes, Julien Doré takes stock of his 2022 tour: “It’s still weird to do this, to build so much… For it to always end… It’s crazy. It’s as if you were imagining the pyramids of Egypt but removable (…) Once it’s at its best, we take it down. It’s weird. »

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“This tour far above anything I’ve done”

Launched in 2021, the tour brought together her longtime fans around “Aimée”, her fifth album released a year earlier. For the occasion, the singer offered a monumental show. “This tour was still way above anything I’ve done. It’s so true (…) It’s great to finish very very high again. It sucks, but it’s perfect, ”he confesses in this video.

“It would be good if we went back to the sources, in the Cévennes”. Here is the program for the future. After these few sentences behind the scenes of the Belgian room, Julien Doré and his teams are back on the road towards the Cévennes, where he has been living for a few years. We then see him arriving home alone, after recovering his van, and finding his two dogs, Jean-Marc and Simone.

“Back to our family life”

Once inside, we see the footsteps of his son, born in 2021 (who is always shown from behind since Julien Doré has never shared an image of him), and we even hear him call him ” Dad “. In silence, we follow during the last minutes of this video the artist walking his dogs in the snow, at the foot of a castle “at the origin of the album”, where the first images were shot.

And now, what has Julien Doré planned? The singer-songwriter gives the answer in these few sentences: “We will have to rewrite songs, we will have to eat croquettes. We have projects in common. It is to his two large white dogs that he then speaks: “Now we are going to spend a lot of time together. You realize that! » And for the moment : « No more glitter, no more show business. Back to family life. »

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“Return to family life”: Julien Doré shares his emotion after the end of his tour

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