Registration for the “Digital Twins Trophies” is open until January 30th.

The Digital Twins Trophies, organized by Twin+, builingSMART France and BIM World, aim to promote digital twins in the construction, real estate and urban development sectors. Registration for this first edition is open until January 30, 2023 and candidates must then submit their application by video by February 15, 2023. The presentation of the Trophies will take place on Wednesday April 5, 2023 during a ceremony on “ The Meetings of Digital Twins”, at Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles.

The concept of digital twin became familiar in the early 2000s. It took about fifteen years before AI, IoT and 5G enabled it to integrate and process data in real time, favoring its growth in many sectors: construction, industry, health, aeronautics, energy, climate, etc.

A digital twin is most often represented in 3D, sometimes visualized in augmented, mixed or virtual reality, or even in an immersive environment of the metaverse type, but it can also be purely schematic.

In the construction sector, the digital twin comes in different scales, that of a building or a set of buildings or infrastructures, such as a railway network, for example. These sets can thus extend over vast territories: a district, a city, as in Sydney, whose digital twin launched in 2020 covers 8,500 km², modeling more than 500,000 buildings and 20,000 km of roads, a department, or even more…

It makes it possible to integrate climate change in all its dimensions for sustainable construction.

The Digital Twins Awards

This competition aims to select and promote through ten trophies the best projects and achievements of digital twins for the construction, real estate and urban development sectors.

It is open to contracting authorities, local authorities and, for the “R&D and theses” trophy, to academics or researchers.

These may in particular be local authorities or companies, owners of the land, infrastructure or building around which the digital twin presented is developed.

The application for a project initiated, developed and/or supported by a third party, operator or asset manager, SSII, etc. is accepted when it receives the approval of the project owner who, in pairs, carries the application.

Eight categories are open:

  • Three categories relate to the scale: “Building & Infrastructure”, “District & Group of buildings or infrastructures” and “City & Territory”;
  • Three relate to use and temporality: “Design & Execution”, “Operation & Maintenance”, “Simulation & Prediction”;
  • 1 is open to projects and achievements outside France: “International”;
  • 1 to projects and studies carried out by research teams, particularly universities: “R&D, Theses”.

The competing projects may be at different stages of completion and maturity, of different scales and for different uses.


Registrations are possible until January 30, 2023 on the website Each organization can be registered for a maximum of two categories among the eight offered, the first registration is free, a financial contribution of 200 euros excluding VAT is requested for the second.

Candidature submissions

Applications must be submitted before February 15, 2023.

The application consists of answering a series of video questions on the IOGA platform made available to candidates. They will be invited to perform a demonstration of the main functionalities of the digital twin by sharing their screen, then to submit useful documents to the jury of experts.

The selection will be carried out in two stages, first to designate 24 finalists from among all the applications (3 per category), then the 8 winners of the Trophies.

In addition, all candidates are also in the running for the “Public Twin+ Trophy” awarded by the public and the “Digital Data Continuity Trophy for Sustainable Construction” awarded by buildingSMART France and BIM World, co-organizers of the Digital Twins Meetings.

All the projects will be presented to the public from February 15 to March 31 on Twin+, accessible by simple free registration. The winner of the Public Twin+ trophy will be the one with the most “likes”.

The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday April 5, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. during the Meetings of Digital Twins / BIM World 2023 at Paris Expo. Open to the public, it will bring together representatives of the 24 finalists, partners and members of the Jury and will be followed by a cocktail.

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Registration for the “Digital Twins Trophies” is open until January 30th.

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