QCT announces the use of NVIDIA Grace CPU superchips for supercomputing and artificial intelligence applications

Revolutionary processor design on new servers matches diverse data center needs

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 24, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), the global provider of data center solutions, today announced new servers to support superchips Grace™ CPU and Grace™ Hopper™ from NVIDIA. QCT incorporates NVIDIA’s Grace™ CPU and aims for maximum performance, memory bandwidth, power efficiency, and configurability suitable for modern data centers. In this way, QCT intends to support the most demanding artificial intelligence (AI), high performance computing (HPC), data analytics, digital twins, gaming on demand and hyperscale computing applications.

A breakthrough CPU for modern data centers

NVIDIA’s Grace CPU superchip is a new kind of processor designed for modern data centers, capable of delivering the best performance, as well as twice the memory bandwidth and power efficiency of leading processors. current servers. NVIDIA’s Grace CPU superchip can be used standalone or with NVIDIA’s top-tier modules, whether it’s its graphics processing unit (GPU) or its BlueField® data processing unit (DPU). The Grace Hopper superchip combines NVIDIA’s Grace CPU and the brand’s Hopper architecture-based GPU. The embedded module is designed to handle hyperscale HPC and AI applications. NVIDIA’s Grace Hopper superchip delivers ten times the performance in a variety of configurations for applications involving terabytes of data. It will enable scientists and researchers to achieve unparalleled solutions to solve the world’s most complex problems.

“As a premier cloud enabler, QCT is committed to playing a critical role in enabling HPC and AI applications in modern data centers,” said Mike Yang, President of QCT. “We are excited to expand our computing processing portfolio using NVIDIA’s Grace CPU and Grace Hopper superchips. As we see a surge in the number of AI applications, QCT is working closely with NVIDIA to ensure our customers can benefit from the latest and most advanced networking, GPU and CPU technologies. »

QCT will add NVIDIA’s new Grace CPU and Grace Hopper superchips to its extensive server portfolio to deliver unprecedented accelerated computing capabilities. Designed to interface with the latest PCIe Gen5 protocol, it will be the fastest communication, offering optimal connectivity with the most powerful GPUs, but also the fastest networking, with an Ethernet of up to 400 gigabits per second (Gb/s) or 400 Gb/s connectivity with the platform Quantum-2 NVIDIA’s InfiniBand Smart Network Interface Cards (SmartNICs) NVIDIA ConnectX®-7 and the BlueField-3 DPU, enabling optimal acceleration of secure HPC and AI workloads. These new server systems from QTC will be launched next year and will also support NVIDIA computing software stacks, including NVIDIA HPC, NVIDIA AI, Omniverse and NVIDIA RTX.

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About QCT

QCT is a global provider of data center solutions that combine the efficiency of hyperscale hardware with infrastructure software from multiple industry leaders to address the design and development challenges of next-generation data centers. exploitation. QCT serves cloud service providers, telecommunications companies and enterprises operating public, hybrid and private clouds. QCT’s parent company is Quanta Computer Inc., which is a Fortune Global 500. www.qct.io

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QCT announces the use of NVIDIA Grace CPU superchips for supercomputing and artificial intelligence applications

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