Pregnant, key for cryptocurrencies, toothbrush… Tech and French gifts for Christmas

Anthony Morel presents this Thursday on RMC some ideas for tech and innovative Christmas gifts, made in France.

At Christmas, you can buy electronic products, innovative and made in France. For music lovers, connected speakers have been very trendy for years. But there, it’s the top of the top with Devialet, a brand known all over the world. This is their first portable speaker, called Mania. It looks a bit like a bowling ball, spherical (360° sound), and it still weighs just over 2 kilos. Its particularity, the sound signature of Devialet. Amplify sound without breath, without saturation, without distortion. We are very, very close to the listening quality we would have if we were at a concert. Beyond the sound quality, it has a technology that allows you to analyze your environment, to make a kind of acoustic mapping of the room you are in thanks to four microphones coupled with artificial intelligence. And the sound is going to be optimized based on that. In theory, it’s a portable speaker that you can take anywhere, that’s splash-proof at the beach or by the pool. It’s still a luxury item that costs 800 euros. It’s expensive, but it’s the cheapest speaker of this brand which is very high-end. It is made in France, in Saône-et-Loire and Fontainebleau. At a time when we are talking about relocations, industrial sovereignty, this is proof that we can make high-end electronics in this country. If you want sound quality at a lower price, you can fall back on Sonos, which offers comparable performance, or Cabasse, another French brand that offers great acoustic products.

As a gift idea, there is also… a USB stick. Except that obviously it’s not a USB key, even if it looks a bit like it. It is a “wallet”, an electronic wallet for cryptocurrencies. If you have someone in the family who is into crypto, this is a great gift idea. The absolute leader in this field is the French Ledger, which is enjoying phenomenal success, especially with the recent scandals in the world of cryptocurrencies. When you buy cryptos, you do it on an exchange platform (Binance, Coinbase…), an online market place, and then, either you leave your bitcoin, ethereum, on these platforms, but that involves risks, or you repatriate them on a physical key like this one. So, even if the platform sinks or turns out to be a giant scam (see FTX a few months ago), you don’t lose your coins, they are yours… As the crypto saying goes, “not your keys, not your corner”. What if your e-wallet is stolen? In fact, it is coupled with a 24-word recovery phrase, which should be kept as the apple of your eye. This is your only way to recover your cryptos in case something goes wrong. It’s not like a bank, we won’t send you a replacement password, you are solely responsible… There are different models, from 80 to 150 euros.

The world’s fastest toothbrush

Otherwise, you can offer at Christmas… a toothbrush. But not just any, the fastest toothbrush in the world. What save time in the morning, 10 seconds against 2 minutes in normal times. And that’s the whole point of this toothbrush whose appearance is quite confusing, designed by a Lyon startup, Y-brush, in collaboration with dentists. It looks like a mix between a denture and a mouth guard, with a device that you put in the mouth and that covers the entire dentition. The inside is covered with soft nylon bristles, like a classic brush. We put a little toothpaste, we press a button, the device starts to vibrate, a bit like an electric toothbrush. And the advantage of this device is that it scrubs all the teeth at the same time rather than spending 4 or 5 seconds on each tooth. In 10 seconds, all teeth are clean. Let’s be clear, we don’t look very smart with this device in our mouths… But frankly, with a toothbrush either. And anyway, we’re all alone in the bathroom. It costs the price of a conventional electric toothbrush.

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Pregnant, key for cryptocurrencies, toothbrush… Tech and French gifts for Christmas

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