Paarly: the French specialist in e-commerce and price monitoring

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Specialized in the development of solutions for e-commerce performance, the software publisher Paarly has been supporting many players since 2014, through the implementation of automated solutions using artificial intelligence. Interview with Denis Oulion, one of the company’s founders.

Can you tell us more about Paarly’s area of ​​expertise?

We are a software publisher price specialist on the web, through its collection and optimization. We are able to analyze the prices of an entire market on behalf of our clients, which will allow them to quickly know the price of their products and offers compared to their competitors. We can then help the company reposition its prices based on the analyzes obtained.

Today, which actors are you helping?

We work on a daily basis with a wide variety of companies from diverse and varied fields of activity, and in particular in retail with players in health and beauty, clothing, DIY, or, for example, business supplies.

In all, we work today with more than two hundred clients, with many key accounts and nearly a third of the CAC 40 companies, including the three largest.

What encourages your clients to turn to your expertise rather than another?

We have developed a price observatory made up of more than 5,000 sites in 60 countries, which allows our customers to understand very precisely the positioning of the competition in relation to the products they distribute. It is precisely thanks to this observatory that we will be able to reposition their offers according to the price strategy of their competitors, using the combination of an algorithmic solution and artificial intelligence, to be able to set prices in a automatic and spontaneous. This technology allows us to modify tens of millions of prices every day on behalf of our partners.

The fact of industrializing price collection and analysis will allow pricing directors to no longer have to perform these actions manually, and to concentrate fully on their job, through tasks with higher added value.

The idea is also to seek dual expertise.

Indeed, within Paarly, we are developing two major centers of expertise, with a first department oriented towards e-commerce, with experts who have worked at Amazon who support customers on the marketplace part. The second department is made up of data scientists who will be able to help customers analyze the various data, to optimize the price domain as much as possible.

How about growing your business?

After developing on equity for eight years, we completed our first fundraising of 4 million euros last March. A sum that should allow us to support the growth of the company, and improve the on-boading of new customers. To date, we are on a growth rate of around 90%.

Faced with the recent crises that we have gone through in recent years – whether that of covid or the current one linked to inflation – and faced with the rise of e-commerce, we are now able to provide solutions relevant to our many customers. The fact of supporting e-merchants for more than eight years now allows us to have a high level of expertise and a real perspective on the challenges of this sector and its evolution over time.

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Paarly: the French specialist in e-commerce and price monitoring

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