OVHcloud and Atos expand their partnership to accelerate the development of quantum computing

Atos and OVHcloud, European cloud leader, announced in November 2021 that they wanted to expand their partnership. It’s done since on June 9, the two companies revealed that they had entered into a partnership in the field of quantum computing: the Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM) will be available “as a service” in the Cloud of ‘OVHcloud, which will allow research laboratories, colleges, universities, start-ups and large companies to benefit from this technology.

Quantum in France

France, although overtaken by the United States and China, which are investing massively in quantum technology, has undeniable assets in this field: Nobel Prizes, Atos quantum simulators, etc.

On January 21, 2021, Emmanuel Macron presented the Quantum Plan, the implementation of which had to be postponed because of the pandemic. 1.8 billion euros will thus be devoted by 2026 to research (in particular for computers, sensors and quantum communications), industry and training, financed by the PIA4 and “France relaunch”.

Emmanuel Macron said:

“Quantum technology is one of the few keys to the future that France must have in hand. »

On January 5, the government launched the national quantum computing platform, set up by INRIA, the CEA and GENCI, in collaboration with the CNRS, which is hosted at the Very Large Calculation Center located at the CEA DAM (Commissariat for atomic energy and renewable energies).

On the other hand, the 1st conference of the France Quantum initiative intended to bring together the French and European quantum ecosystem and create the champions of tomorrow is taking place on June 14 at the Eiffel Tower. Fanny Bouton from OVHcloud and Cyril Allouche from Atos are among the speakers. It is in this context that Atos and OVHcloud announce to strengthen their partnership.

The Atos-OVHcloud partnership

Atos and OVHcloud have made it their mission to contribute to the development of the quantum ecosystem and to accelerate technological developments in this sector. Thanks to these two European leaders, private and public players in the ecosystem will benefit from a quantum programming environment wherever they are, in order to develop and experiment with quantum software bricks. have a service », pending the effective release of the first quantum computers.

The QLM (Quantum Learning Machine), a quantum simulation and software development platform, uses NVIDIA GPUs to help dramatically increase the speed and scale of quantum simulations, accelerating research on quantum algorithms, quantum information science, new architectures of quantum processors and architectures of hybrid systems associating quantum and GPU. It achieves emulation capabilities unmatched on the market, making it possible to cover three different quantum programming modes (the gated model, the annealing model and the analog model). Its patented quantum compilation technology will pave the way for the first applications optimized for first-generation NISQ or Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum processors.

With the QLM deployed at OVHcloud, users will be able to emulate circuits up to 38 qubits in double precision, and solve quantum annealing problems up to 5,000 qubits.

The choice of Atos technology for its future developments will allow OVHcloud to offer quantum computing solutions in the form of Notebook Jupyter, which offers developers greater ease of access. Designed according to free and open standards, the Notebook will offer a variable level of performance depending on the infrastructure, which will benefit from the work already carried out by the OVHcloud AI teams.

Thierry Souche, CTO, OVHcloud says:

“By announcing this partnership, OVHcloud confirms its ambition to address and make the most cutting-edge technologies accessible to as many people as possible. The quantum revolution and the deployment of the first use cases cannot take place without the Cloud, which guarantees a mode of consumption and freedom of use capable of uniting expert communities. »

Emmanuel Le Roux, SVP, Director HPC, AI and Quantum, Atos, concludes:

“This partnership is a major step in preparing for the quantum revolution. Thanks to OVHcloud, we can offer an “as a service” Cloud version to democratize and share our quantum emulation technologies more widely to prepare for the future. We are convinced that the future of high-performance computing lies in the hybridization of our technologies, between traditional computing and the integration of co-processors, accelerators, quantum bricks and the Cloud. Already a pioneer in quantum with the launch of our QLM in 2017, then the first emulator on the market, this strategic partnership with OVHcloud is an additional step in our quantum strategy. »

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OVHcloud and Atos expand their partnership to accelerate the development of quantum computing

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