Norauto is looking for the best mechanic in France

Fifteen mechanics competing to decide who is the best. This is the picture imagined by Norauto on the occasion of the Méca Master final which took place this Tuesday at the head office, located in Sainghin-en-Mélantois.

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Everything starts from a banal pub for Norauto on social networks. ” I saw that there was a quiz on mechanics. I clicked out of curiosity, to take stock of my skills. Here is Louis, a mechanic from Arras, caught up in the gears of the Meca Master. A competition that claims to find the best mechanic in France “.

Ten thousand candidates

Like Louis, 10,000 Internet users answered technical questions, but not only. ” They are also asked about topics around customer relations, electronics, alternative energies “, explains Ingrid Robil, leader of human development at Norauto. A second test in the form of a video presentation and here are fifteen candidates selected for the grand finale. This time, we are getting into the hard part.

Savoie, Manche, Loire-Atlantique… The last in the running were gathered this Tuesday at the Norauto training center in Sainghin-en-Mélantois, and they came from all over France. The only local of the day is Louis, who made the trip from Arras.

A day of trials

For the candidates, it is now necessary to get their hands dirty. The finalists rebuilt a rear brake kit, replaced a timing belt and solved a battery failure, all in 50 minutes. Does it ring a bell ? ” It was rightreports Rodolphe, one of the finalists. These are not simple operations, it requires a little experience. But mechanics wasn’t the only event on the menu. They were also judged on electronic problems, a new quiz and on their pedagogy with customers.

Candidates had 50 minutes to complete the mechanics test.
Candidates had 50 minutes to complete the mechanics test. – GDP PHOTO

One last point which is important. ” We put stressed or rushed customers in front of them, and we observe how they react. It is important to have good interpersonal skills when dealing with customers who are not always easy “, we estimate at the auto specialist. The highlight of the day: the construction of a soapbox as a team.

On each event, judges and a scoring grid. ” We don’t just note the result. We also observe the method and the reflection carried out by the candidates “explains one of the judges. And in this little game, Rodolphe Montrieul wins. The mechanic from Indre-et-Loire was voted best mechanic in France with a score of 123 out of 160. He thus won the opportunity to appear on the TV show dedicated to mechanics Wheeler Dealers on RMC discovery season next.

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Norauto is looking for the best mechanic in France

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