Nio EC7: the electric SUV coupe that wants to dethrone Audi

The Chinese manufacturer has just unveiled a new model: the Nio EC7 is a 100% electric coupe SUV, which comes to attack the Audi Q8 E-tron Sportback.

It is on the occasion of the event Nio Day 2022held in Hefei, China, that Nio unveiled its two new models: the large Electric SUV Nio ES8as well as the electric coupé SUV Nio EC7a premium model that will compete with the Audi Q8 E-tron Sportback in our region.

4.97 meters long, 1.97 meters wide and 1.71 meters high, all for 2.96 meters of wheelbase, the Nio EC7 stands out for its fluid style, with elegant lines and flush handles.

Nio EC7: optimized aerodynamics

The EC7 embeds a active fin at the rear, which displays a Cd of 0.23: it is the SUV with the lowest drag coefficient in the world. This spoiler, a first for Nio, improves the aerodynamic performance of the coupe SUV, by reducing drag or increasing downforce, depending on the driving parameters.

To optimize its performance on the road, the model is equipped with an intelligent air suspension, while there is a panoramic glass roof with an area of ​​1.94 m², and equipped with a double-layer glass of sound and heat insulation. What to enjoy life on board, which is intended to be pleasant and premium, in particular with the “Lounge” seat which can recline and extend as in a real living room.

Nio EC7: Nio’s fastest SUV

The EC7 is also equipped with the “PanoCinema” panoramic digital cockpit, which embeds a built-in assistant named Nomi and operating thanks to artificial intelligence, an immersive panoramic Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 audio system, or even a 12.8-inch AMOLED central touch screen.

Under the hood, we find no less than two powerful electric motors with a combined power of 653 horsepower (480 kW), allowing the EC7 to swallow the 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds only: it’s the brand’s fastest SUV to date. Three battery levels are available: 75, 100 and 150kWhmaking it possible to offer up to 465, 605 and 900 km rangerespectively, according to the CLTC cycle.

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Nio EC7: a concentration of technologies

The Nio EC7 is equipped with no less than 33 high-performance sensors, including cameras and LiDAR, to offer numerous semi-autonomous driving features, thanks to a super computing platform powered by four Nvidia Orin X chips.

The Nio EC7 is marketed at a price starting from 488,000 yuan (approximately €65,700) with a 75 kWh battery, 546,000 yuan (about 73,500 euros) with a 100 kWh battery, and 418,000 yuan (about 56,200 euros) with BaaS (Battery-as-a-Service) battery rental. The EC7 is already available for order in China, with deliveries scheduled for the month of May 2023. The European launch should take place in the course of 2023.

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Nio EC7: the electric SUV coupe that wants to dethrone Audi

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