Musical chairs among LVMH executives

LVMH is reorganizing the management of some of its houses. Delphine Arnault is appointed CEO of Christian Dior Couture. She was previously deputy general manager of Louis Vuitton, responsible for overseeing product activities since 2013. At Christian Dior, she succeeds Pietro Beccari.

Louis Vuitton’s new CEO comes from Christian Dior Couture

Pietro Beccari, for his part was appointed CEO of Louis Vuitton. He had headed Christian Dior Couture since 2018. At Louis Vuitton, he succeeds Michael Burke who will take up duties directly with Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH.

Michael Burke spent ten years at the head of Louis Vuitton and accompanied the integration of Tiffany. At Christian Dior Couture, Delphine Arnault will have as her right-hand man Charles Delapalme, appointed Deputy CEO of Christian Dior Couture. Since 2018, he has been deputy general manager of Christian Dior Couture, responsible for supervising commercial activities. These changes will be effective as of February 1, 2023.

Bernard Arnault’s children immersed in the group

These appointments remind us that Bernard Arnault must prepare his succession at the head of his group. His five children are immersed in the heart of the group and most often in management positions at LVMH. In addition to Delphine Arnault, at the helm of Christian Dior Couture, Antoine Arnault is CEO of the Christian Dior SE holding company, Alexandre Arnault is Executive Vice President of Tiffany&Co, Frédéric Arnault is CEO of Tag Heuer and Jean Arnault is Director of Marketing and Watch Development at Louis Vuitton.

Bernard Arnault thanks its leaders. ” Pietro Beccari’s leadership at Christian Dior accelerated the desirability and success of this emblematic House greets Bernard Arnault. ” No doubt it will lead Louis Vuitton to even greater desirability and success. he continues. ” Michael Burke has driven the extraordinary success of Louis Vuitton over the past ten years. It widened the gap with its competitors and made Louis Vuitton’s heritage shine by making it part of modernity. Michael has attracted highly talented designers and teams and acculturated them to the Vuitton universe adds the CEO.

22 years of experience in luxury for Delphine Arnault

He also recalls that Delphine Arnault has a career in fashion and leather goods, first at Christian Dior for 12 years then at Louis Vuitton for the last 10 years where she was number two in the House, in charge of all products. ” Under his leadership, the desirability of products has improved considerably. His sharp eye and incomparable experience will be decisive assets in the continued development of Christian Dior. he announces.

As for Charles Delapalme, he has been with the LVMH group for seventeen years. After several years at Louis Vuitton and Fendi, Charles Delapalme has been in charge of international development alongside Pietro Beccari since 2018. He made a strong contribution to the growth of the House thanks to his commercial and strategic expertise. Charles will work together with Delphine concludes the CEO.

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Musical chairs among LVMH executives

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