MRI equipment in Charleville-Mézières to mix quality and speed

The Charleville-Mézières hospital center will be equipped, in April, with new, more efficient MRI equipment, replacing the oldest, which is ten years old.

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e MRI problem (magnetic resonance imaging, editor’s note), it is a problem of time. Good exercise takes time. » Time that no one has, says Dr. Philippe Cart, head of the imaging center of China (Nord-Ardennes intermunicipal hospital). ” We take patients every fifteen minutes “, says Catherine Barbier, senior manager of the medico-technical center. Result: two months of waiting currently to obtain an appointment. For external appointments, at least, which represent 80% of consultations. ” For hospitalized people, we manage to maintain a fortnight. »

Deadlines that are not bearable for the population “says the radiologist. ” Neither for the staffcontinues the senior executive. It is the secretaries who have to announce them to the patients who sometimes can be annoyed. “A time that should be considerably reduced with the arrival of a new MRI to replace the oldest, ten years old.

This new MRI, in addition to its high technology, will benefit from artificial intelligence, which will offer a quality examination and result. In any case, this is the promise made. ” We’ll do better exams, and we’ll do more “, boasts Dr. Cart who figures at around forty the number of MRIs currently carried out by the two machines. ” It is difficult to anticipate how much it will be possible to do. Depending on the pathologies, they may last the same time but be more advanced. » « There will also be better working conditions for radio manipulators and reduced time to get an appointment. adds Catherine Barbier. Operators who must be trained once the device is in place. ” It takes a month of work. »

Patients who will have to be patient during this time since only one MRI will then be operational. ” We carried out a real reflection because the MRI from which we are separating was open. It was the only one in the region and patients sometimes came from far away because they were claustrophobic or obese.quotes Dr. Cart. It was helpful but with average image quality. “The device that will arrive will have a less narrow opening, to pass ” all templates “Promises Catherine Barbier.

Amount of the envelope: approximately 1.5 million euros, works included. ” We hope to receive the first patients in May. »

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MRI equipment in Charleville-Mézières to mix quality and speed

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