Mobility: when technology facilitates remote work

Packed with mobile applications, the “augmented” salesperson approaches his meetings with customers more serenely, because he takes customer knowledge on board with him and can optimize his rounds. Zoom on the tools not to be missed.

If remote work is not new for salespeople, the proliferation of digital tools to facilitate it is. “In the United States, a study identifies no less than 8,000 sales tech“, notes Mohammed Ziyed Hadfi, of Halifax. “With lhe advent of artificial intelligence (AI), existing applications integrate new functionalities. The biggest players, especially CRM publishers, are looking to make their platform the single entry point, to which peripheral tools connect”he continues, .

How does digital technology allow sales to be more efficient? The “augmented” salesperson would be smarter because they are better informed, more responsive because they are aware of all the exchanges between their client and their company, more persuasive because they are armed with up-to-date documentation, etc.

Mobile CRM, the heart of the reactor

the CRM stands out as the king of customer relationship management tools. It seems to be the most structuring, since it revolves around customer data, interactions between the customer and the company, data analysis and task automation. All CRM publishers offer mobile versions, allowing remote work.

At the global level, the top 3 brings together Oracle, Salesforce and SAP. But many other software exist. Let’s quote in bulk Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zoho CRM, hubspot, Pipedrive, etc. “Pipedrive seems to me to be very well suited to mobile sales forces because it is easy to use and brings together all the necessary functionalities“, says Axel Lavergne, founder of Salesdorado, a blog on BtoB sales and marketing.

Today, some CRMs are enriched with artificial intelligence. “AI makes it possible to make product recommendations, to establish purchasing propensity scores, sales forecasts, to suggest to the salesperson what action to take with such customer, etc.“, assures Sébastien Zins, commercial director of the Cloud service at Salesforce. Salesforce’s intelligent assistant called Einstein is intended to help salespeople work better.

At Force Plus, a digital and commercial agency, Stéphane Ronteix, CEO, claims to create connections with CRMs via APIs in order to automate lead management: “notWe qualify and prepare leads so that salespeople have reliable and actionable information in real time during their appointments, then we check that the work has been done”.

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If the CRM is considered by all experts as the heart of the reactor, some software would prove to be too cumbersome to handle with customers. Hence the appearance of lighter tools. This is the case of the Moovago application developed for mobile sales forces. “I myself was a salesperson for 15 years and I used very extensive CRMs, but too much information kills information, so I wanted to design a simple, easy-to-use tool”, argues Franck Dubois, CEO of Moovago.

The mobile CRM app – which does not work offline – brings together customer monitoring tools: projection of customer addresses on a GoogleMap background map to locate them at a glance, route planning, follow-up reminders, follow-up of tasks, proposal of options in case of tour completed faster than expected. “Moovago helps salespeople organize themselves better and save time, so they can work more peacefully“he adds.

At Proferm, José Jolio has equipped his 13 sales representatives: “They use Moovago to prospect, check the distance between two companies, consult customer files, follow the history of the commercial relationship, prepare the agenda, and for my part, I can follow their activity remotely”. Other applications help salespeople organize their rounds (Corporama, Geoconcept by Nomadia).

Collaborative platforms, the strong arm

Integrating Slack, Salesforce meets the needs of collaborative exchanges. “Working methods are changing, in certain sectors of activity, sales mobilize several skills within the company, not just commercial, employees therefore need to share a virtual office, which is why we are integrating Slack into the processes. “, explains Sébastien Zins. Facing the customer, the salesperson also needs tools to enrich his arguments, bring value to the interview.

Data visualization solutions like Toco Toucan allow non-experts to easily access the data. Tableau, an industry leader acquired by Salesforce, facilitates detailed dashboard generation, data mining and predictive analysis generation. Qlik Sense easily combines multiple data sources, etc.

To conduct his demonstration, the salesperson can use an application dedicated to tablets and show the screen to his client. “These tools make it possible to navigate through product references, to access presentations prepared by the marketing department”, says Mohammed Ziyed Hadfi.

In this sector, Touch & Sell, salesapp Where Showpad, sales enablement solutions may seem relevant. Touch & Sell announced at the start of the year that it had integrated coaching, personal development and training features into its solution. In recent months, the French publisher has completed its offer with an online learning tool, which allows companies to create courses directly and integrates a gamification approach. Salespeople can pitch on video to get feedback from their manager, for example.

Finally, as trade fairs are reconnecting with face-to-face meetings, it seems interesting to look into dedicated software. Apps like Kayo which offers to centralize all information related to the event (brochures, capture of contacts, follow-up of leads generated) or Camcard (card scanner) can be very useful.

“We are technophiles, our young employees appreciate

Barnabé Lourdel, VP of Global Sales Livestorm

Videoconferencing platform, Livestorm uses its own tools, but not only. “The company has equipped itself with more than 80 tools, about twenty of which we use at least once a week, nWe are technophiles, our young employees appreciate“, says Barnabé Lourdel, VP Global Sales. The sales department uses more specifically Salesforce CRM (Lightning version), the Notion platforms for sharing resources, Figma for graphic elements, Sales Loft for automating customer relations. at the CRM, “managers benefit from a dashboard to follow the activity of their teams, regional directors that of their territory and I have a global vision of the whole“, he details.

If the meetings – in groups or face-to-face – take place by video, Barnabé Lourdel takes care to adapt the schedules for employees based abroad. “To overcome the lack of physical contact, we organize moments of more open communication. In video, it is difficult to measure the motivation of an employee, to probe his state of mind, which is why I ask managers to organize meetings detached from the business to take stock “, he says. As some salespeople need social ties more than others, fifteen-minute coffee breaks or aperitifs on Friday evenings are also organized by video. Finally, on a daily basis,Slack has replaced e-mail exchanges, this communication platform allows us to have brief exchanges, which we would have around a coffee machine in person, to provide information or ask for a helping hand.“, he concludes.

“My salespeople use the prospecting tool wisely”

Yann Criaud, commercial director of Lière Buro Design

The sales representatives of Lière Buro Design, creator of workspace, their assistants and two collaborators from the design office coming to lend them a hand; travel regularly to prospect and honor appointments with their prospects and customers. “We are equipped with two tools, a mobile CRM, Moovago, dedicated to prospecting and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (became Dynamics 365 Business Central, editor’s note) for quotes and invoicing” says Yann Criaud, commercial director. Far from considering technologies as means of surveillance, Yann Criaud prefers “trust” to his team. Of course, the commercial director keeps an eye on the statistics: “at the end of the week, I look at the activity entered by the sales representatives in Moovago in order to feed the topics of the Monday meeting and bounce back by offering my help. I check the turnover in the other CRM”. Overall, he believes that his employees are playing the game: “my salespeople are good and use the prospecting tool wisely”.

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Mobility: when technology facilitates remote work

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