Minautor digitizes the second-hand engine market

Born from a inspiration “, as its co-founder Karim Benabdallah calls it, Minautor was, when it was created in 2019, a technological company that is developing a data acquisition and analysis platform based on artificial intelligence. The four creators applied it to the second-hand engine market with the aim of creating value by bringing to this sector digitization, technologies and algorithms. The team has developed a platform that aims to be disruptive and dedicated to the sourcing of used engines on a European scale. Both customer and supplier, Minautor thus offers the sale and purchase of second-hand motors, to individuals and professionals, but also to qualify leads for the latter. At the same time, in addition to wanting to digitize the second-hand engine, the platform wishes to democratize. Minautor buys the motors (4,000 references to date) and ensures the value chain with its customers, 80% professional and 20% private. The company collects and analyzes 1.5 million data per month, processes 50,000 prices per day and averages 250 engine sales per month. These daily and weekly data are processed and allow Minautor to offer relevant references according to the needs of its users. In addition, the stock is in-house, distributed over several sites throughout France with the idea of ​​reducing the delivery time, and the logistics are operated by a partner.

Accelerate development

Already present in Spain and Portugal, the company also intends to establish itself in Belgium, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. ” Our technology is now proven, and we have the ambition to open up to other markets in the short and medium term, such as buses, trucks, public works and agricultural machinery. In order to meet all these new challenges, we are going to strengthen our team with the recruitment of around twenty talents in the coming months. says Omar Khadouri, co-founder of Minautor. At the same time, the young company is supporting its deployment with a fundraiser of 4 million euros which will allow it to accelerate its development on the second-hand engine sourcing market. Its aim: become the largest storage point in Europe. The goal is to collect more than 2,000 units in a storage point powered via artificial intelligence algorithms by early 2024.” Not only do we have the ability to source 90 % of references requested, but our strength is to be able to source the same reference in several copies adds Karim Benabdallah, co-founder of Minautor. This operation is part of a total fundraising of 16 million euros carried out by Minerva Investments with Park Capital, a Luxembourg investment fund which at the same time becomes a reference shareholder of the Minerva Investments group ( and its subsidiaries: Minautor, Carmarket and Minerva Technical Control).

Next step, after focusing its strategy on technological development, Minautor will accelerate its marketing development and the deployment of services in order to capture the most market share, in particular thanks to the arrival of around twenty new employees. The company also wishes, in the long term, establish partnerships with garages which will be listed on its platform, and offered to motorists when purchasing an engine.

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Minautor digitizes the second-hand engine market

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