Microsoft teams up with AI ChatGPT to compete with Google!

News JVTech Microsoft teams up with AI ChatGPT to compete with Google!

Particularly popular in recent weeks, artificial intelligence ChatGPT is making a place for itself at Microsoft: the American company is currently integrating it into its Bing search engine, to optimize queries.

If you are at least interested in the development of artificial intelligence, it’s a safe bet that you have already tested ChatGPT. This AI is developed by a recognized company in the field, named Open AIand is currently freely accessible online.

ChatGPT allows Internet users to converse with an artificial intelligence capable of responding to multiple queries. If the experiment is not free from defects, it turns out to be extremely promising, so much so that Microsoft has decided to launch a version of Bing equipped with this AI soon.

Microsoft relies on ChatGPT to compete with Google

Revealed by the site The Informationthis news specifies that the Redmond firm would consider presenting this new feature of Bing soon, for a deployment that would be scheduled for the end of March.

Microsoft’s goal would be to make its search engine “more human”, by allowing it to provide concrete answers to Internet users’ questions, rather than simply redirecting them to links, as most of its competitors do. Of course, Microsoft’s desire is to get closer to Google, but also to stand out from it. For its part, the Mountain View firm has been offering search results for years in the form of blocks of information also known as “Knowledge Graph”.

No total redesign of Bing, but a new feature

The partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI is not new : it has actually been around since 2020. Microsoft has an exclusive license to use GPT-3, the artificial intelligence at the heart of ChatGPT. The latter is already integrated into GitHub Copilot, a Microsoft tool for developers.

Therefore, Microsoft’s willingness to develop this collaboration is not particularly surprising, especially given the immense popularity of ChatGPT. Bing is a search engine whose market shares are ridiculous compared to those of Google : in France, Google is used for 91.75% of global searches, and Bing is second with 4.53%, according to data from StatsCounter published in December 2022. By offering a functionality linked to ChatGPT, Bing can therefore hope to attract the curiousbut also offer a better quality of results that can build loyalty.

However, Microsoft does not intend to completely transform its search engine :ChatGPT should just be an extra feature. On his side, Google has already declared that it does not intend to do the same with another AIdue to the “reputational risk”. The company believes that artificial intelligences still suffer from concerns about bias and the veracity of the data provided, which may affect the quality of search results. However, Google has still been using AIs within its engine for years: they are simply of a different nature.

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Microsoft teams up with AI ChatGPT to compete with Google!

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