Marseilles. The Laboratory of Collective and Artificial Intelligence (LICA) has just taken a key step for the future Tiers-Lab des Transitions

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Initiated and piloted by Lica in partnership with the Bellevilles ethical and solidarity real estatethe purchase of the place by the Lica and its partners is a first step towards the official opening of the Tiers-Lab des Transitions in September 2023.

The Lica succeeded in co-investing with the Anru co-investment fund and the Bellevilles real estate company to initiate two loans from Cepac and the Postal Bank to sign the purchase of the entire plot. Tour de force for the young Scop du Lica to have been able to mobilize 8 financial partners around the table on a project with a social, environmental and technological vocation: the Anru co-investment fund as part of a program of investment for the future integrated into France 2030, Bellevilles property, the Banque des Territoires, France Active, the Pargest fund, the Scop’Invest system, Cepac and the Postal Bank.

This project was also made possible by the opening of the capital of the SCIC Tiers-Lab des Transitions to today 111 citizen cooperators and 6 companies. The capital remains open for the next few weeks (via Hello Asso) in order to provide the SCIC with a sufficient operational budget and bring together many citizens and economic actors wishing to participate in this dynamic of cooperative governance.

The development of third places

The participation of citizens in the co-construction of public action and their mobilization around the challenges of the world of tomorrow have experienced significant growth in recent years: digital contribution platforms, citizen debates, mobilization for the social and solidarity economy, think tank and cooperative third places. Faced with a societal need and a multi-factorial crisis, the Tiers-Lab des Transitions, in the heart of the Aix-Marseille Provence metropolis, aims to bring out economic, democratic and operational responses.

A unifying dynamic to accelerate transitions

The many links forged by the Lica, since its creation in 2017, with citizens, research laboratories, public institutions and private organizations will be mobilized to:

- Organize educational paths for citizens on environmental, societal and digital transitions, by making research work, technological innovations, low-tech approaches, optimization accessible to everyone of natural resources.

- Initiate with the Third Places partners in Marseille a cultural and scientific program on transitions (with in particular the City of Transitions, the Epic, the Friche Belle-de-Mai, the Base, Coco Velten…).

- Make transitions visible and bring life to life through a solar canteen in partnership with “Le Présage”, a recycling and repair space from the on-site FabLab, a composting platform and educational gardens in urban agriculture.

- Open spaces for cooperation and consultation to prepare for the future and collectively design responses through workshops open to citizens and economic players in the Metropolis.

The experience of the Lica team will be fully utilized on various topics:

oh Participative democracy : the Laboratory piloted the Citizen’s Assembly of the Future for the city of Marseille.

oh Cooperative governance & inclusion: Lica is co-piloting two inclusion projects “Realize Your Dreams” and “HOP” in several territories in France and overseas in cooperative governance mode to facilitate the inclusion of the most vulnerable people in our society.

oh Environment and new technologies: the Laboratory supported the Aix Marseille Provence metropolis for the Diams project, a unifying project to improve air quality.

oh Digital: the Lica has set up the digital service, a mobile application, spearheading new ways of promoting skills and experience in logics of contribution – remuneration and secured by blockchain technology.

This budget envelope covers the purchase and the renovation of the place. The Lica plans an official opening of the Tiers-Lab des Transitions for September 2023.

Initiation of work on the bastide and exteriors

Already operational by hosting training, round tables and other cultural events, the purchase of the place by the Scop and its partners allows above all to be able to start the work of the whole place. Divided into 3 buildings, a barn and a 6,000 m² park, the works should last 8 months supported by a CPI (real estate development contract) and are managed by the team of the ethical and solidarity real estate Bellevilles which supports projects outside of the common and whose mission will be to secure the deadlines and the respect of the amount of the allocated works.

The bastide, dating from the 17th century, will be the first of the buildings to be renovated. As the 1st demonstrator of environmental transitions, the aim is to renovate this old building with energy to make it more virtuous by using biosourced materials optimizing thermal comfort.

The barn of the bastide will also be one of the priorities of the site to become a FabLab. This real maker and creative space aims to host several projects related to the needs of the district. To create this new flow of activity, attention is more particularly paid to the layout of agile and flexible furniture that will accommodate the various projects that will be developed there.

Finally, on the outside, it is planned to renovate the 3 ponds that adorn the park. Former nursery, the management of water was then essential and its flow worked by gravity. The works will enable the restoration and commissioning of these basins to manage water intelligently, by conscientiously exploiting the functional well present in the park.

For Jérôme Gonzalez, co-founder of Lica: “ We are delighted to be able to finalize the purchase of this exceptional place in the heart of Marseille. Once the work is completed, the Tiers-Lab des Transitions will be able to fully play its role as a societal actor in order to raise awareness, mobilize the greatest number and federate the living forces to address in particular the challenges of ecological and technological transitions. »


About Lica

The Laboratory of Collective and Artificial Intelligence), a young innovative SCOP led by a multidisciplinary team of 20 people, has been undertaking since April 2017 to stimulate a dynamic of transformation with organizations and citizens so that cooperation rhymes with developing the capacity to act collectively, choose a digital technology that facilitates transitions, bring together public and private actors to imagine fair and sustainable solutions. A research-action laboratory, Le Lica aims to test, deploy and combine collective and digital intelligence tools to meet the challenges of our contemporary world and offer the possibility of co-creating collective, inclusive and sustainable projects. Based in Marseille and made up of 20 people, the team aims to be an interpreter and bridge between public and private institutions, the world of research and citizens, to cooperate, to succeed in imagining collective solutions and to face the societal challenges that cross us.

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Marseilles. The Laboratory of Collective and Artificial Intelligence (LICA) has just taken a key step for the future Tiers-Lab des Transitions

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