Landroid Vision: no need for installation, pose and mow anywhere thanks to its artificial intelligence! #CES2023 – Home and Domotics

While robot mowers are very practical, many are dissuaded by their installation, which requires a little preparation and work, especially for the passage of the perimeter wire all around the land, but also of the various elements (trees, flower beds, etc.) .). Good news, the latest addition to the range of smart mowers Landroid from Worx eliminates all of that, thanks to Landroid Vision.

Landroid Vision: perimeter wireless mapping

We have already seen this during tests of robot mowers, such as on the Husqvarna Automower 305: Careful preparation is important in order to install the robotic lawnmower correctly, such as burying a guide wire around the mowing areas, then manually setting limits in the application, mowing range calibration, etc.

The Landroid Vision, the latest addition to Worx’s range of smart mowers, takes all that hassle away. Instead of digging trenches and grading, you just turn on the mower, drop it in your yard, and the onboard cameras and sensors do the rest.

The LANDROID Vision is equipped with a high-level neural network, an artificial intelligence trained to distinguish grass from what is not. Thanks to its on-board HDR camera and VISION artificial intelligence, this new robot lawn mower “sees” the gardens, eliminating the need for bulky boundary wires or antennas.

Using the same artificial intelligence technology used in modern self-driving cars, the new LANDROID Vision analyzes frame-by-frame images from its on-board cameras to recognize and distinguish grass from everything else: roads, sidewalks, flowers and even pets and humans! Not only does the new Vision avoid obstacles without mapping or wires, but it can cross sidewalks, driveways or other areas to access multiple lawn areas. The LANDROID Vision also automatically adapts to variations in lawn conditions, such as grass density, while allowing cutting height adjustment from 1.5 to 3.5 inches.

We call the LANDROID Vision the world’s first “drop and mow” robot lawn mower because that’s all the owner has to do. Using the power of vision and artificial intelligence, LANDROID Vision is truly changing the robotic lawnmower market, eliminating all the headaches of installation and use. Owners will love the immediate – and lasting – gratification of this smart new technology. It is cost effective, safe and does a really good job on the lawn on its own!”.

Todd Zimmerman, vice president of product development at Positec, Worx’s parent company

It even has active smart sensing, so if you forget to put the garden hose away or your kids leave a toy in the yard, it will automatically sense the obstacle and drive around it, worry-free. shredded pipes or toys.

Speaking of smart detection, Landroid Vision can also detect driveways, sidewalks and paths, and you can program it to automatically mow the extra areas on the other side of those “barriers”, again without thread guide required.

The LANDROID Vision is available in three models: ¼, ½ and 1 acre models. Landroid Vision is powered by the WORX 20v PowerShare lithium-ion battery platform. Vision includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, so users have full remote monitoring of the unit. And the Vision’s waterproof case – with its onboard rain sensor – protects against all weather conditions, even knowing when to return the Vision to its base.

Worx announced this new Landroid range at CES 2023. Prices range from $2400 to $3000 all the same. The availability date has not yet been announced, but it’s a safe bet that it will be available for next spring.

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Landroid Vision: no need for installation, pose and mow anywhere thanks to its artificial intelligence! #CES2023 – Home and Domotics

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