LALAL.AI: a tool to extract vocals and instrumentals from any track

LALAL.AI is an intuitive, free and paid new generation solution for voice isolation. It presents itself as a removal tool offering “flawless audio quality”.

In the age of machine learning, new advances continue to be made in areas previously considered impossible. In particular, the separation of stereo files into constituent tracks is one of the most exciting areas. Are you looking for a tool to extract only vocals or a piece of music? Look no further, LALAL.AI does the job.

What is LALAL.AI?

Ever wondered how to remove vocals from a song without artifacts? Isn’t it frustrating when you remove the vocals, but the instrumental is weak and has phase issues? LALAL.AI offers to solve these problems through its online service. Whether you need an instrumental track to use in the background of a video, or you’re hosting a karaoke night with friends, LALAL.AI can help.

LALAL.AI is a AI-based voice removal tool, aimed at musicians, producers, creative professionals and enthusiasts. It allows to extract vocals and instrumental tracks with a superb quality almost instantly. It allows you to create an instrumental track when you don’t have access to stems or multitracks.

How does LALAL.AI work?

LALAL.AI is only available on the web. In fact, no need to download software to your smartphone or computer. This platform supports all types of files, regardless of their format, size and length. In addition, an entry pack enabling recover three song audio for free is offered by this service.

LALAL.AI uses a neural network to separate vocals from instruments. Like any artificial intelligence, the amount of operations it performs increases as it progresses.

The quality of the split strips is highly dependent on the source file. If you upload an Mp3 file, your stems will probably sound blurry and distorted. In contrast, an unaltered file, such as WAV or FLAC, is more likely to sound clearer and better defined.

How to use LALAL.AI to extract stems? is incredibly easy to use for extracting voices. To do this, you must go to your web page to select the file to process. Then, in the drop-down menu, you have to click on: “voice”then on the button “create new previews” and the file will start processing.

After the file is processed, you can listen to the extracted file for up to one minute. And you can listen to both: the vocal recording only, and the rest of the track without the vocals.

All this is completely free and you can use LALAL.AI to create previews of as many tracks as you want for up to one minute.

If you want more than 10 minutes, you can buy the lowest level. LALAL.AI offers two affordable payment plans, the first being the “Plus pack” at the single price of €30 and the second the “Lite pack” at the affordable price of €15.

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LALAL.AI: a tool to extract vocals and instrumentals from any track

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