Jubillar: the ex-convict who wanted to dig up Delphine’s body had been declared “dangerous” by the judges, ten days before his release

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Ten days before the release of the former cell neighbor of Cédric Jubillar who wanted to dig up the body of the missing Tarn nurse, justice had, for the first time, opposed his release by pointing to his ” dangerousness”.

The answer did not drag. A week after an update from the public prosecutor of Toulouse, Samuel Vuelta-Simon, specifying that the ex-cell neighbor of Cédric Jubillar did not obtain “favor in exchange for his testimony”, on pseudonyms confessions collected from Cédric Jubillar on the murder of his wife, the lawyers of the Tarn plasterer painter launch a counter-offensive.

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The latter had affirmed that Marco, 37, the former neighbor of their client’s cell, had “moneyed for his release in exchange for information delivered to the investigators on the location of the burial place of Delphine Jubillar whose body remains untraceable. Rumors immediately denied by the Prosecutor last week. But the defense puts forward other arguments. And in particular this hearing of September 23, 2021 before the Toulouse Criminal Court.

“Past Danger”

Marco is on trial for death threats against prison guards. The hearing is postponed to November 18. But the defendant is placed in pre-trial detention by decision of the court. “The defendant’s very uncertain guarantees of representation, his record for having attempted to influence the normal course of justice, his past dangerousness, lead to the conclusion that the obligations of a measure of judicial control [….] prove to be insufficient”, consider the judges.

Five days later, on September 28, this “dangerous” detainee (he also has the status of particularly reported detainee, DPS), files a request for release and says he has revelations to make about the murder of Delphine Jubillar . As the public prosecutor points out, he is heard on September 29 by the investigators of the Toulouse research section to inform them of the comments made by Cédric Jubillar. On October 4, during the correctional hearing which must rule on his release or his continued detention, the judges decide to release him. Pending the hearing of November 18, 2021 (he will be sentenced to 1 year in prison without a warrant).

Back to Portugal?

From October 4, Marco left the Seysses remand center and went in search of Delphine’s body, under the discreet surveillance of the gendarmes who followed her comings and goings, between Albi and Toulouse. According to Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers, “this detainee was therefore not at the end of his sentence on September 29”.

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Mare Alexandre Martin, Emmanuelle Franck and Jean-Baptiste Alary are surprised by this latest court decision, the opposite of the first and which can only be motivated, according to them, by an interest in the Jubillar file: “Curiously, justice considers, 10 days later, that this man is therefore no longer dangerous, that he has guarantees of representation when he had to be picked up in Portugal during the summer of 2021, on a European arrest warrant”. This pushes, once again, the defense of Cédric Jubillar to consider that this ex-co-detainee “maneuvered to monetize his release”. Today, Marco benefits from socio-judicial follow-up. He would have left the territory to go to Portugal.

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Jubillar: the ex-convict who wanted to dig up Delphine’s body had been declared “dangerous” by the judges, ten days before his release

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