IXXO: How is a good standby device your ally in avoiding seizures?

In the current unstable environment and after covid-19, we are witnessing important developments in all areas. These changes are already impacting businesses. While most of these changes are anticipated, they are sometimes forced into effect. To keep pace and not get lost, the best way to move forward is to rely on a reactive and agile watch cell. IXXO supports the monitoring and market intelligence units of French industry leaders with the Beyond Data software suite.

Device for listening and agile analysis of your ecosystem

The role of a monitoring or strategic intelligence system is to identify opportunities as quickly and precisely as possible and, at the same time, to anticipate the constraints and threats weighing on the company. A complete system encompasses both the market and competitive aspect as well as the technological, scientific and technical aspects depending on the sector of activity.

An optimized monitoring system therefore irrigates all of a company’s departments, from innovation to purchasing and including general management. The same subject can be declined in several ways and be analyzed from several angles.

What challenges does the IXXO software suite meet?

Master the unknown

IXXO research and monitoring software makes it possible to start new topics instantly. Using a few keywords, smart web bots will help you discover new sources of information. You can explore the web in more than 40 languages, enough to complete your international prospective watch. This unique ability to explore the deep web improves your responsiveness to the unknown.

Adapt the software to your organization

IXXO can meet both the needs of a centralized or decentralized intelligence unit as well as the expectations of a smaller team. IXXO will increase your information processing capabilities and adapts to your work processes. To monitor the market and technologies, the monitoring unit can decentralize part of the monitoring process to experts or analysts belonging to other departments. Themes offer this possibility: by giving simplified access to the
software to allow experts to qualify the information themselves, analyze it and, if necessary, build their own deliverables.

Analyze and discover

The IXXO monitoring software has here several possibilities resulting from work around artificial intelligence to analyze and enrich the information. Clustering (or automatic grouping) of your document collections for fast, efficient reading and trend detection.

Self-organized relational maps allow you to understand at a glance the ecosystem of a domain and see the links between actors.

A real business intelligence tool for the watch manager and for his communities, the dynamic dashboard quantifies information, a “must have” for market intelligence departments and watch cells. These dashboards are customizable and accommodate both data and unstructured information.


Integrate your sources of information

The IXXO monitoring software suite allows you to add the web information sources that you are used to monitoring, social networks, databases with or without subscriptions, as well as formats such as open data, more structured formats (json, xml) and direct access to recognized web databases (Elsevier, PubMed, IEEE, …).

Get started quickly with our source panels: IXXO has referenced more than 2,000 global information sources broken down by business sector. We regularly enrich these panels with new sources of interest for our customers.

Broadcast and deliver!

The distribution of the products of your monitoring is a crucial aspect for the development of the monitoring activity and especially for delivering to the teams the expected synthesis. Ixxo offers several possibilities to facilitate the flow of information: you can set up our Collaborative Intelligence portal or use your own tools and digital workplace with which we will integrate information feeds, analysis results and our deliverables. dynamic.


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IXXO: How is a good standby device your ally in avoiding seizures?

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