It’s done: USB-C will be mandatory in the European Union in 2024

European legislators agreed todayTuesday, June 7, 2022: the USB-C charger will become standard by fall 2024 within the European Union. This new legislation will apply to all electronic devices.

The mandatory USB-C charger by 2024

Among the devices concerned, we find in particular tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, game consoles. Laptops will have to comply with this same rule, but at a later date. In contrast, Apple’s iPhone will be affected from autumn 2024, like all smartphones sold in Europe. This legislation has been in development for more than ten years. An agreement on its scope was reached this morning following negotiations between the various bodies of the European Union.

Alex Agius Saliba, rapporteur for the European Parliament, said in a press release today that “That’s it, we have finally made the common charger a reality in Europe. European consumers have long been frustrated with the multiple chargers that piled up with each new device. From now on, they will be able to use a single charger for all their portable electronic devices. The legislation also includes provisions to address wireless chargers in the future, as well as harmonizing fast charging standards”.

A new law that will not please Apple

Before being implemented, the text still has to go through the European Parliament and the Council, in the course of 2022. This has not prevented the Parliament from ensuring that the legislation will be in place. “by fall 2024”. It’s simple, on this date, all devices affected by the law and sold within the European Union must offer a USB-C charging port. The idea of ​​a universal charger is above all an attempt to reduce the volume of electronic waste and make life easier for consumers.

With such legislation, members of the European Parliament hope that in the future electronic devices will no longer need to be delivered with a charger. Indeed, this text could allow consumers to save 250 million euros per year with “unnecessary purchases of chargers” and to reduce the amount of electronic waste by approximately 11,000 tons per year. European legislation should have a considerable impact on Apple. The American manufacturer is the only one to still use a charger of its owninstead of USB-C.

In 2021, Apple sold 241 million iPhones worldwide, of which approximately 56 million in Europe. On this subject, Thierry Breton, European Commissioner in charge of the Union’s internal market, was asked whether this legislation was specifically aimed at Apple. He said that was not the case and that “The rule is going to apply to all manufacturers around the world. It is adopted against no one. We work for consumers, not for companies, and we have to give them rules. Clear rules to be able to enter the European market ».

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It’s done: USB-C will be mandatory in the European Union in 2024

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