Intrasense launches its AI Hub in partnership with Milvue

( — Intrasense specialist in medical imaging software solutions, announces, in partnership with the company Milvue, the first integration of a solution within its Hub dedicated to artificial intelligence.
The AI ​​Hub makes it possible to integrate artificial intelligence algorithms in a simple and ergonomic way and to orchestrate them within clinical applications to best meet the needs of users.

The AI ​​Hub: artificial intelligence in clinical routine

The integration of artificial intelligence into clinical routine is today a major challenge. The many algorithms available on the market, each covering different organs and needs, have demonstrated their effectiveness in helping healthcare professionals in their diagnosis. Nevertheless, to be effective, these different algorithms must intervene automatically at the right time in the clinician’s workflow and offer him the results within his clinical tools, with possibilities for proofreading and adjustments.

In this context, the Intrasense teams have developed the AI ​​Hub, allowing the transparent and ergonomic integration of artificial intelligence results within Intrasense’s clinical solutions. The AI ​​Hub is configurable in cloud and hybrid mode, thus meeting user expectations in terms of performance and security. This differentiated approach to the integration of AI in the medical imaging sector allows Intrasense to offer its customers ever more innovative tools in a fully integrated environment, while leaving users with clinical control of the results of algorithms.

A unique project in France carried out with Milvue

As part of this new solution, Intrasense has integrated the Milvue Suite technology from its industrial partner Milvue, a French company specializing in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms, into the AI ​​Hub. Milvue allows the automatic detection of several families of osteoarticular and pulmonary pathologies as well as the quantification of orthopedic measurements on radiologies. It is a state-of-the-art tool which optimizes the triage of examinations according to their results and which thus facilitates the work of the radiology departments.

“Artificial intelligence has become an essential support, opening up new perspectives for the practice of radiology today. The strength of our Myrian platform, thanks to the AI ​​Hub, is to integrate intelligence results in an optimized and adapted way. at the very heart of the clinical applications used by healthcare professionals. This first partnership around the AI ​​Hub, with the company Milvue, allows Intrasense to enrich its clinical catalog and thus offer its customers ever more relevant solutions. This project marks the beginning of a new series of partnerships aimed at continuing to enrich our clinical offer in a dynamic market” says Nicolas Reymond, CEO of Intrasense.

Intrasense, whose innovation remains at the heart of its DNA, is the first player in its field to offer a complete solution, allowing hybrid deployments, and directly integrated into the clinical tools of radiologists. The AI ​​Hub is now available for the Myrian product line and will also be used as part of the new product line dedicated to oncology, currently in development.

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Intrasense launches its AI Hub in partnership with Milvue

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