In Nice, parking on cycle paths will be video verbalized

No more “anarchic parking” on the cycle paths. From Saturday, the cameras of video surveillance of Nice will detect “in real time, any vehicle, two-wheeler, truck and car, present on these lanes for more than a minute” before sending an alert to the urban supervision center in order to issue the driver with a fine of 135 euros. This experiment will last three months before taking stock “to expand the system to more offenses and geographically”, announced Anthony Borré this Friday during a press conference.

For now, only six cameras that monitor nine areas of the city are equipped with this “artificial intelligence system [IA] “. Durante, Congrès, Buffa and Dante streets were observed as those “most affected by these incivilities”. “During the test phase carried out for a month, more than 40 alerts on average were raised each day, specifies the first deputy mayor of Nice. These figures show us the need to act and that we are not mistaken. We started where it seemed most urgent to us. »

The only city in France to use AI in this area

The “only city in France to have so many cameras”, as Anthony Borré recalled, also becomes the only one to use this “innovative” technology that is AI in order to “fight against these incivilities”. “The verbalization is not 100% computerized because it is important that there is a lifting of doubt with an agent, that he can have discernment for particular cases”, indicates the first deputy mayor. He nevertheless insists on the fact that there will be “no tolerance for delivery people”.

During the press conference, the screens broadcasting on the zones concerned by the experiment showed that three delivery trucks had used the cycle paths as parking lots. “They were verbalized live”, then affirmed Anthony Borré.

“There is progress”

The Nice à vélo association, which collaborates with the community, has been asking for it “at all meetings with the town hall” for more than a year. “This is one of the requests that we have made for a very long time, through meetings but also via photos posted on social networks as proof, launches Daniele, member of the association. There is progress. This is very important because as a bicycle user, you take risks to get around a car. If this measure can make you think, we are satisfied. »

To accompany this system, road signs will be installed to warn motorists. “It is compulsory when you practice video verbalization”, underlines the elected official. Before adding: “We made the declaration to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties [Cnil] on this subject. We are moving forward but we believe that if we have no feedback, it is because this experimentation can take its course. And it’s not very different from what already exists in terms of videoverbalization. »

Extend this device to other functionalities

In three months, the city would like to be able to extend this system to other functions. “We are also still in the test phase to identify two-wheelers circulating on cycle paths, announces Véronique Borré, deputy director general of the city of Nice. It’s more difficult to have 100% efficiency, as with parking, because you have to make the difference in speed between a bicycle and a scooter, for example. »

Then, the AI ​​can be used for “detection of red light not respected” or even “prohibited use of lanes”, specificities which concern vehicle users and not cyclists. “It is not possible to verbalize a bicycle with the video because it is not registered”, develops Véronique Borré, recalling that the community had refused the installation of “M12” panels, “give way” for cyclists at red lights, which is part of the demands of bicycle user associations.

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In Nice, parking on cycle paths will be video verbalized

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