How the National Gathering seeks notabilisation by the Assembly

They have already taken the fold. Three days after their return, Friday, June 24, dozens of new deputies of the National Rally (RN) meet at Bourbon, the café which adjoins the Assembly where the regulars of parliamentary life parade. They will certainly not take up residence in their offices until mid-July. Marine Le Pen has asked that all the “89” be installed in the same building, rue Aristide-Briand, to better oil group discipline. Just asshe asked her deputies to appear polite and studiousin a logic of demonstration of credibility. “The voters gave us what we lacked to win the presidential election: the ability to have 90 deputies [en réalité, 89]. We will show that we are competent in committee “said to World the leader.

“Marine Le Pen uses the Assembly as a springboardnotes Jean-Pierre Camby, professor of constitutional law associated with the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. It takes up the institutional logic which is to constitute a powerful group in Parliament and to take root territorially before gaining power at the Elysée. » Only the election of Emmanuel Macron in 2017 was an exception.

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The leader of the extreme right seems to be experiencing a kind of accelerated notabilisation herself. After being consulted on Tuesday by the Head of State, in the same way as the leaders of the main political parties, she was called by the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, like the other group presidents. With the latter, Marine Le Pen negotiates the distribution of key positions in the Assembly and distills the same argument heard on the right on the lifting of tax secrecy at the Finance Committee: “If it’s not us, it’s other people… and that may not please everyone. »

” Play the game “

The style of opposition it claims also contrasts with the customs of the nationalist party. “We are going to be at the antipodes of La France insoumise, projects Laurent Jacobelli, RN deputy for Moselle. They are there to transform the Assembly into a media circus and make the zouaves to attract the cameras! It’s not in our DNA. » Curious reversal, as the genealogy of the Lepenist party is based on its tribunician culture. Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the 35 far-right deputies in 1986, affirmed “clearly in opposition”. He matched the action to the word on occasions that have remained etched in parliamentary memory.

Like the night of October 8, 1987, during the examination of the bill on the repression of drug trafficking. The Frontist delegation had embarked on an all-out obstruction, with reminders of the rules, insults and outlandish amendments. Bruno Gollnisch climbed to the perch on the pretext of monitoring the ballot, other deputies of the National Front (FN, now RN) ran in the bays to turn the voting keys of their absent opponents… The populist tribune and his elected officials practiced the game like the physical conquest of space. Conversely, the RN deputies seem, in these early days, to want to shave the walls and blend into the decor.

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How the National Gathering seeks notabilisation by the Assembly

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