How HighWind wants to revolutionize emergency calls with AI

“Since the introduction of 112 in 1997, nothing notable has happened for emergency calls. And that, Adrien Ricci wants that to change. With a real revolution. This entrepreneur and his three associates, engineers and trade specialists, all aged between 35 and 47 and based in Nice, are developing HighWind, an app to “catch up” and take a big leap with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

“Until now, the principle has always remained the same: you dial a number and describe what you have, what you witness or what is happening. So, with our smartphones, the possibilities are much greater and can improve diagnostics and therefore save very precious time,” he explains. Concretely, HighWind, already available on Android and which could be deployed on iOS within six months, can transmit, in addition, the GPS position, the health history that we have entered and above all photos taken live by the user. device and analyzed by an AI.

Analyze pain, fear or anxiety

“She will be able, for example, to determine the nature of the injuries, whether it is hypothermia, whether a fire has broken out or whether we are in the context of a car accident, details Adrien Ricci, president from HighWind. The study of the context makes it possible to trigger the right emergency services. The system can even analyze emotions, pain, fear or anxiety. The process, unique in the world in the context of emergency calls, is now the subject of a patent.

Still in the learning phase, thanks to “deep learning”, HighWind’s intelligence feeds on images from medical and criminology databases, but also “publications that emergency personnel share a lot on social networks in the USA. “, explains the manager. The start-up even called on “all volunteers” guinea pigs to whom (harmless) electric shocks were administered to further improve pain analysis.

Necessary partnerships with emergency services

Even if it improves every day with new images, the system is ready. It remains to deploy it all over the world. And this is where a huge project is announced for HighWind. “Because we have to forge partnerships with all the emergency services, which are regionalized [comme les services départementaux d’incendie et de secours en France, par exemple] so that the information from our system can be transmitted to them, adds Adrien Ricci. By February or March, we will notably have an experiment with the marine firefighters of Marseille. »

Currently present at CES in Las Vegas, the people of Nice, who have already injected 200,000 euros into their start-up, will also work to establish connections with “911”, the emergency call numbers across the Atlantic. “On the spot, the commercial stakes are important, assures the president. Especially since we are also looking for investors to continue the development of the app. »

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How HighWind wants to revolutionize emergency calls with AI

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