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Simplon allows people who are out of work, as well as those in professional retraining, to train in digital professions completely free of charge. 20,000 learners have already been trained in the school in almost nine years. Present throughout Occitania, the school has two main locations, in Toulouse and Montpellier. “Our programs are deployed with Microsoft, a partner sponsor, with whom we have been working for three years at the national level. Our goal is to meet the needs of businesses with inclusive digital. In this vein, we have developed an Artificial Intelligence developer program, which leads to obtaining a level 6 professional title (equivalent to Bac+3)”, explains Philippe Coste, its Occitanie director. This course is divided into seven months of intensive training, then twelve months in work-study.

A promotion of twenty-two learners started this course in November 2020 and is now continuing its training among fifteen partner companies. Among them, Oihana Passicot, 32, holder of a double Master’s degree in cinema and history, she made the choice to retrain after a professional career in the audiovisual sector. She is working on a work-study program at Devoteam until July. “While the two worlds may seem very different, working around data calls for analytical skills that are similar to those of the historian,” she notes. Self-taught in computer science, she is delighted to have been able to follow, thanks to Simplon and Microsoft, a completely free training course, which she would not have been able to afford otherwise. “I had heard of the Hackeuses program, which allows women to discover digital professions,” she notes.

A professional integration rate of around 60%

For Devoteam, his employer, it was a first experience. “We were seduced by the inclusive side of the approach and we met trainees who were not from this field, but ready to invest in acquiring the necessary skills”, notes Christophe Fort, South-West regional director. Devoteam. The company has even chosen to set foot in the stirrup with two alternates. And the test seems more than conclusive. “Basically, a company like ours is looking for engineers, but practices are changing. We are led to recruit people who have a good state of mind, a well-made head and who do not come from traditional sectors. Moreover, AI does not only require technical skills,” he adds.

At the end of their career at Devoteam, the two trainees should also be integrated into the company. Philippe Coste specifies that the rate of return to employment is 84% ​​at the national level. This training could be repeated depending on the needs of local businesses.

Note that in parallel with the program developed around AI, Simplon offers Cloud developer training in Montpellier.

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How does Simplon manage to make digital more inclusive in Occitania? – ToulEco

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