Health – The hospital of Tulle (Corrèze) is equipped with a new mammograph operating with artificial intelligence

“We are at the frontier of our knowledge. » Jean-Luc Soleilhavoup, biomedical engineer in the radiology department of the hospital of Tulle does not hide his enthusiasm. The radiologist Alexis Chebib, head of department, either. “Thanks to the artificial intelligence of this new mammograph, diagnosis and follow-up will be greatly improved. »

A more accurate diagnosis

As part of the Ségur health plan, the Tulle hospital center has just acquired a latest-generation mammograph allowing better care than before. The artificial intelligence of the new machine makes it possible to compare the imaging of a patient with hundreds of thousands of other cases already recorded. “Even if the examination is always validated by two different radiologists, it greatly facilitates our work. Before, it was possible to miss an anomaly. Today, the diagnosis is much more precise”, explains the doctor, fully satisfied with this technological advance. This new tool actually reduces the interpretation time of the radiologist.

premium The hospital of Tulle (Corrèze) has acquired new MRI equipment operating thanks to artificial intelligence

Indeed, this new mammograph uses tomosynthesis. Concretely, this breast imaging technique makes it possible to obtain cross-sectional images of the breast, analyzed from different angles offering a 3D visualization of the mammary gland. “But above all, it allows us to move just as quickly to a 2D synthetic image, automatically reconstructed from tomosynthesis”, specifies the biomedical engineer. Thus, this method, which makes it possible to dispense with double acquisition, promotes a reduction in the exposure to the rays and the duration of compression.

Interpretation times are now reduced with this new mammograph.

“All this is in the interest of patients,” enthuses Dr. Chebib, committed to promoting breast cancer screening. With this new mammograph, the first patients confirm it: the comfort is better than before. “Of course it’s a little more comfortable, there’s a little less apprehension”, explains one of them after her examination. Thanks to a platform that can tilt from -15° to +90°, this new mammograph can be adapted to all morphologies and to the different postures of patients, in particular those with reduced mobility.

Importance of screening

“Today, it is important that women become aware of the importance of screening. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women. However, if detected early, it can be cured in nearly 90% of cases,” the radiologist points out.
Today, 60,000 new cases are detected each year in France and two million worldwide. For all women between the ages of 50 and 74 who do not have symptoms, it is advisable to be screened every two years. From the age of 25, a clinical examination (observation and palpation) by a health professional is recommended every year. “And the self-examination can be every week,” adds Dr. Chebib.


On Thursday, June 30, a conference-debate on the screening, diagnosis and follow-up of breast cancer will be held at the Corrèze departmental council (amphitheater D at 7 p.m.). This meeting is open to the public and to health professionals.

Vincent Faure
Photos: Agnes Gaudin

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Health – The hospital of Tulle (Corrèze) is equipped with a new mammograph operating with artificial intelligence

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