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CentraleSuplec and the IRT SystemX launch the CircularIT Alliance, to address the issue of sustainable development in strategic industrial decisions. Digital technology and artificial intelligence will thus be integrated into decision-making support for the territories and companies concerned.

CentraleSupélec, founding member of the University of Paris-Saclay, and the IRT SystemX announce the creation of the CircularIT alliance in order to “put the power of digital technology at the service of the environment and sustainable development”. This coalition, with an initial duration of 5 years, aims to build and deploy decision support tools for territories and businesses. Concretely, it plans to bring together industrial companies and local authorities to combine upstream, industrial and experimental research efforts. It also provides for the creation of a hub of educational projects.

CircularIT wants to encourage consideration of current and future environmental, societal and socio-economic issues. Through this alliance, the two signatories intend to develop a methodology that ranges from the analysis of the key activities of an industrial company or a territory that involve material and energy flows, to the implementation of a digital platform for managing and improving circularity and sustainable development.

A methodology based on open data

This methodology will be based on the data provided by all the actors, namely a model of indicators of circularity and environmental, economic and societal impacts, a dashboard for improving the activities and the system studied, adapted graphic representations and tools for defining objectives, analyzing causes, researching actions, simulating solutions, analyzing historical data and finally, optimizing and learning.

“The aim is to develop a digital twin reference framework for the circular economy and the sustainability of territories and companies and industrial value chains, which is based on the principles of open data and open source, way to create replicability and allow the aggregation of indicators and dashboards in a system approach,” the coalition announced in a press release.

CentraleSupélec and SystemX get their hands dirty

In this sense, two centers will be created: an upstream research and training center piloted by CentraleSupélec for the development of generic territorial and industrial platforms and for research-action operations in the field through thesis work, post-doctorate and engineering internships. A second industrial research center, piloted by the IRT SystemX, will give rise to R&D projects operated by SystemX in collaboration with private and academic players.

The skills of CentraleSupélec are thus made available, via its Industrial Engineering Laboratory. “CentraleSupélec uses its know-how of industrial activities and flows and the circular economy to achieve a digital twin reference framework so as to be able to pilot the circular economy and the sustainability of territories and industrial companies and value chains. says Bernard Yannou, Professor of Complex Systems Design and Deputy Director of Research at CentraleSupélec, University of Paris-Saclay.

For its part, the IRT SystemX brings its scientific and technological skills in data science, optimization, and IT infrastructures to develop solutions. The Paris-Saclay urban community (CPS), which, in its territorial project, has defined the promotion of the circular economy as one of its main strategic orientations, has already announced that it is joining the CircularIT Alliance. Ademe, CSTB and INEC will sit on the alliance’s orientation and evaluation committee.

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GreenIT: CentraleSupélec and the IRT SystemX launch the CircularIT alliance – Computerworld

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