GPT Chat: A New Must-Have Tool for Web Workers

The last few weeks have been marked by the rise of a new and very effective tool: Chat GPT. It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) with a conversational chat that is very intuitive. This AI allows you to do a whole host of things, such as answering searches, writing content or even correcting code. The possibilities are immense and the tool is already presented as an alternative to Google.

Chat GPT is simply an artificial intelligence (AI). It is developed by Open IA and allows you to answer queries on demand by writing text. It is a tool that is still in the testing phase, but has set a record by registering 1 million users in just 5 days. This enthusiasm is explained in particular by the effectiveness of this AI which far exceeds what existed before.

To explain how it works, it is easier to ask him the question directly, here is his answer: “I am a large language model trained by OpenAI. I am able to understand and respond to questions and requests in different ways using the knowledge and information I have learned in my training. I am designed to be able to understand and speak several languages, including French, and can help answer questions on various topics, provide explanations and advice, and help solve problems. I’m a computer program and I’m not able to perform physical actions or browse the web, but I’m designed to be able to provide answers and information quickly and accurately.”

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An indispensable new tool

Chat GPT may well emerge as a major new tool for web workers. Whether you are a developer, journalist, web editor, graphic designer, artist, content creator, etc. Everyone will find it interesting. All professions can find useful help would only be in how to get search results. In this sense, this tool could quickly be added to the list of great essentials such as PDFSmartan online tool that allows you to convert to Word all types of PDF documents.

Associated with software for photo editing, graphic creation, email management or even collaborative work, the GPT chat is essential among computer tools.

What progress

We have seen the emergence of artificial intelligence with increasingly convincing image creation tools. We can legitimately ask ourselves the question of the future. Will certain professions disappear in favor of these increasingly developed AIs? Chat GPT already allows for example to write articles like this in a very convincing way. If we are pessimistic, we can think that these AIs will end up replacing certain practices, but we can rather see this as an advantage. The AI remain for now tools that can be used to increase productivity and even creativity.

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GPT Chat: A New Must-Have Tool for Web Workers

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