“Full intelligence”. David Lacombled’s column

The tech planet has only one word left in its mouth. ChatGPT-3 ignites the discussions and already feeds the fantasies. In digital matters, the fads are legion and often furtive. So we had to take a closer look. There, all the elements come together to take a step forward in Internet research, conversations and co-creation. By the magic of an artificial intelligence (AI) developed by the company Open AI of which Elon Musk (him again), chief entertainer and outstanding visionary, is one of the co-founders.

At the origin is the Internet, which accumulates data to the point of not always being able to find it. The library of Alexandria, resuscitated in a way, will welcome its librarians there. The important thing is not to know where things are stored but to be able to find them and put them in shape. This is how ChatGPT-3 delivers on the promise of optimizing language models. What does it matter, moreover, human or computer, and language, Molière, Shakespeare or any other. Thus, the application not only answers your questions, like a classic search engine, but refines the suggestions by engaging in a conversation. The more specific the questions, the more relevant the results. The reverse is also true. Beyond that, everything becomes possible: writing texts according to a given style or orientation, writing lines of code, solving complex equations, providing precise answers to any problem. So everything becomes clear.

Concrete application. At the time of writing this last column of the year, the idea is tempting to solicit the associated search and conversation engine to see what it has in store. By indicating the desire to “write in French, with a pro-business, pro-Europe and pro-freedom orientation, writing on all digital and technological current topics with a human angle, because it is to have the upper hand in the machine, would it be possible to find ecumenical subjects in the spirit of Christmas? »

And this is how the interface offers in a few moments no less than six well-argued ideas, ranging from “technological advances in favor of accessibility” – Well – to “creation and collaboration allowing people to work and create together, such as online collaboration tools, professional social networks, or online content creation platforms” by “addressing the benefits of collaboration for innovation and creativity”, passing through the preservation of the environment, communication and human relations.

In doing so, it is a two-page plea that is written automatically, nothing of the substance of which would come up against the approach of this column. Clarification: all the sentences resulting from the research are in quotation marks without being able to attribute any paternity. It is with a robot that the text is written according to what it finds on the Web but also to what it understands of the requests and their anteriority. This is the very definition of a learning machine.

The perceived ease of use and technical maturity make a strong impression. With the advent of generative AI, the creation of content and concepts is no longer the sole responsibility of humans. The fact remains that if the machine can, for example, propose a logical sequence of yoga postures, it does not yet enter into the subtlety of the differences of the families which make the salt of this heritage of humanity, and in any case, it does not teach the movements which come from ancestral transmissions.

Oral tradition. The application has another advantage that could prove decisive. Indeed, its interface encourages conversation at a certain time where our own smartphones give back their letters of nobility to the voice, either to send messages or even telephone, or to dictate the orders of our lives. In fact, no position is acquired in the world of navigation and research on the Web, and social networks requiring each of its players, however prestigious, to renew themselves. Microsoft has understood this well by joining forces with OpenAI to obtain the exclusivity of GPT-3.

The technology is characterized by its permanent movement at the risk sometimes of making you dizzy. It is not so much a question of knowing how to stop it but of dominating it. And therefore to learn the codes and uses, if only by getting to grips with these new features. If the work of research, documentation or even ideation is chewed up to this point, it is a whole section of the brain of beings that is freed to imagine, create, invent, put its very human intelligence into play.

David Lacombled is president of La villa numeris.

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“Full intelligence”. David Lacombled’s column

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