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From January 5 to 8, 2023, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas brings together hundreds of startups for what is the biggest “tech” event on the planet. Among the young tricolor shoots present, Perfect Memory, supplier of semantic AI.

The Perfect Memory start-up, based in Chamalières in Puy-de-Dôme, specializes in digital data management. Today, it counts among its clients France Télévisions and Paris Saint-Germain, among others.

Nicolas Levant, the marketing director of Perfect Memory, answered questions from Engineering Techniques, a few days before the start of the 2023 edition of CES in Las Vegas.

What is the story of the genesis of Perfect Memory?

Perfect Memory was born from the observation that man was arriving at a time in his history when he had to create a new tool to manage the abundant knowledge he was producing (accessible and intelligible memory) more and more quickly in order to be able to use them much more efficiently. In particular, the quickest and most immediate implementation is to observe that any organization has become a media (from the company to the family through public institutions). And as such must manage his knowledge as any media would do because this knowledge, this accessible and intelligible memory, is made up of data but also of texts, images, videos, sounds and any other document. multimedia. Our duty is to enable them to preserve and disseminate this knowledge.

In which sector of activity does your company operate?

In the software edition. We publish a special knowledge engineering software platform. A Cognitive Asset Management Platform that guarantees all organizational stakeholders full, fast and continuous access to all of the company’s digital assets for their optimal use and enhancement.

What products are you developing? For what type of clientele?

We develop and market:

  • Perfect Memory CAM (cognitive asset management), the solution for referencing, exploring, enriching and maximizing the value of the company’s digital assets.
  • Perfect Memory Piloté, the business solution design solution for accessing the company’s digital assets.
  • Perfect Memory Exposé, the solution for enhancing and monetizing company digital assets.

We target our PM CAM and PM Exposé solutions to media players (TV, Radio, Brand-Media) for use cases to maximize the value of the company’s digital assets.

We are targeting our Piloted PM solution to our VAR and Technical partners for the autonomous implementation of new business solutions to maximize the value of content, customer value (CF Bouygues) and the value of transactions carried out by the company (M&A for example).

Note that at CES we will also present our Perfect Memory Family solution adapted to the challenges of preserving and transmitting family content, which is still at the development stage.

What are the main issues around the management of digital data today?

Today, it is a question of exploiting the enormous volumes, which double every two years, of data and content produced, which are accumulated in companies to maximize the value of this content (content value), that of customers and that of transactions.

What innovations are specific to the products you develop?

We bring to the market unique innovations such as the business contextual representation of data. The end user no longer needs any expertise to access, modify, enrich and exploit by himself any information or content referenced by PM Found (and the same in PM Family). We also bring the valuation of the investments made in the tools ofAI to make them usable directly by the businesses.

This allows client media to have:

  • a search tool that works regardless of the data, the content, its origin or its user, therefore a fine search capability (down to the image level) directly accessible to the end user.
  • a repository accessible by all thanks to the reconciliation of all data sources, all types of digital resources from any actor in the business chain in a single repository that can be used by all. A single language.
  • a management system that evolves with the business lines with the continuous updating of the data model and the information flow processing model so that it continually adheres to the real needs of operational staff regardless of their level or position in the processing chain.

Is this your first time at CES?

No. It has been a few years since we presented our breakthrough innovations.

What do you expect from your participation in CES 2023?

The objective is to increase our visibility and acculturate the market on these new possibilities that we bring in the digital transformation of organizations. And meet partners and prescribers.

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France at CES 2023: Perfect Memory | Engineering Techniques

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