For Google, the first definition of the word “Jew” would be “negotiating meanly”

Google changed search results for the word “Jew” on Tuesday after briefly providing an anti-Semitic cliche as a first definition.

Prior to the change, the search engine listed the term as a verb which it says means “to haggle with someone in a stingy or petty manner.”

The “offensive” label appeared in the result. Google wrote that the term’s origins lie in 19th-century stereotypes “associating Jews with commerce and loan sharks.”

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Among the variants – of time – of the word we find the preterite, jewedand present continuous, jewingaccording to the search engine, which specifies that the definition comes fromOxford Languages.

“It is deeply disturbing that Google’s artificial intelligence does not recognize obvious anti-Semitic hate speech in search results for the term ‘Jew’,” the World Jewish Congress said. “We expect corrections to be made immediately. »

Google pulled the definition following criticism on social media, including from Jewish groups.

” Our apologies. Google licenses definitions from different dictionaries. We only display offensive definitions by default if they constitute the primary meaning of a term. As this is not the case here, we have blocked the display and forwarded our comments to the partner [Oxford Languages] for a more in-depth examination, wrote Google on Twitter.

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For Google, the first definition of the word “Jew” would be “negotiating meanly”

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