Fogo, the new generation radiator, compatible with Matter, awarded at #CES2023 – Maison et Domotique

France was again this year the most represented country at CES 2023 (excluding the US of course). It must be said that we have many innovative companies in our small hexagon. As proof once again with Fogo, a company based near Lille, which presented a new generation radiator, both in its composition and in its technology, compatible with Matter, and which was awarded an Innovation Award by the CTA! It must be said that the promise is enticing, since the company wants to bring “a new ecological, instant and ultimate heat experience“!

Specific materials for heating

The radiators that we find today all look more or less alike. Fogo has reviewed everything from top to bottom, from the materials used to the technology, to revolutionize the world of electric heaters.

The manufacturer has chosen here an ultra high performance fiber reinforced concrete stone (BFHUP). It is a concrete produced by Lafarge based on recycled aggregates, enriched with organic fiber, which makes it possible to restore comfortable heat. This BFHUP has several advantages:

  • very good thermal inertia, comparable to that of marble
  • a low thickness of only 8mm, which makes it possible to design a very thin radiator. The 100x60cm model, for example, is only 5.5cm thick, for a weight of 25kg
  • extensive personalization: these plates can be produced with personalized colors, shapes and patterns if needed.

Different colors and patterns are available

The electrical resistance is made of graphene (material derived from graphite), which offers very interesting mechanical, electrical and thermal properties for this type of use, and which therefore replaces the metal usually used.

The Fogo team worked for 2 years to choose the right materials and create an architecture to optimize the air flow and thus allow optimal comfort. The result is also protected by several patents.

Sensors coupled with artificial intelligence

The Fogo radiator embeds many sensors:

  • presence sensor (which does not trigger when a pet passes by)
  • on-board temperature sensors,
  • humidity sensor
  • air quality sensor
fogo radiator ces2023 1

Thanks to these sensors, the radiator is able to better understand its environment. Thus, coupled with artificial intelligence and collected data (such as weather forecasts), the Fogo is able to optimize heating in order to limit electricity consumption to what is strictly necessary. The goal is for this radiator to be as autonomous as possible, in order to regulate the heating without any action from the user.

Fogo, the Matter compatible radiator

The Fogo radiator communicates via WIFI, Thread or Bluetooth, with of course compatibility with Matter in order to be ready for the future. The user can therefore use the control mode he prefers.

Because for a sleek design, the manufacturer has chosen not to integrate a screen into its radiator. This one only has a power button. Control will therefore be done from a mobile application, or via a Matter-compatible home automation system (which of course includes voice assistants).

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This smart radiator is now available for pre-order on the site Fogoat a price starting at 1990€ for the “Pure” model in 1000w.

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Fogo, the new generation radiator, compatible with Matter, awarded at #CES2023 – Maison et Domotique

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