Fighting Wildfires: How NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin Work Together Against Wildfires

As part of its Silicon Valley-based lab, NVIDIA has initiated work to simulate and fight fires with NVIDIA DGX and Omniverse systems. This research aims to better understand forest fires and stop their spread. They mobilize NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin as well as the Forest Services of the United States Department of Agriculture and the Division of Prevention and Control of Colorado Fires (DFPC) using artificial intelligence and digital simulation.

The lab uses NVIDIA AI infrastructure and the Nvidia Omniverse advanced visualization and virtual world simulation platform to process the magnitude of a fire and predict its progression. By recreating the fire in a physically accurate digital twin, the system will be able to suggest actions to better suppress the fire.

The AI ​​Development Lab includes Lockheed Martin’s Cognitive Mission Manager (CMM) system, an AI-based end-to-end planning and orchestration platform that combines real-time sensor data on the fire with other sources of data on vegetation, topography, wind and more to predict fire spread.

NVIDIA Omniverse allows fire behavior analysts to see predictions in a digital twin of the environment. Using the real-time multi-GPU scalable simulation platform, Lockheed Martin creates visualizations of predicted fire motions and studies their flow dynamics through a digital replica of the landscape. This allows his team to use NVIDIA Omniverse in several areas.

The firefighting industry relies primarily on tools derived from Rothermel’s surface fire spread model to predict fire progression. The Lockheed Martin team is working with the group that created this model, the Forestry Service Missoula Fire Sciences Lab, to examine how AI can improve existing methods of predicting the fire front with speed and accuracy.

Bhushan said:

“In Omniverse, you have a virtual world that represents a photorealistic digital environment. In it, we can visualize the fires and the aspects that affect them, such as terrain, slope, wind and more In the near future, we could generate synthetic data by flying virtual assets through the scene Omniverse. Additionally, the Omniverse simulation becomes the basis for creating additional AI-based models to explore response behaviors. »

Lockheed Martin and NVIDIA will continue to collaborate, both physically and within the digital twin environment, to develop and mature CMM. For the company, one of the solutions could be in unmanned aerial vehicles that react quickly to emerging wildfires and can suppress them.

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Fighting Wildfires: How NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin Work Together Against Wildfires

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