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FeniXX is the operator that offers the public to find unavailable books published in the 20th century.

With its catalog of 85,400 titles, FeniXX has entered into a partnership with Pythagoria. This French company specializes in artificial intelligence applied to publishing.

FeniXX (File of Digital Editions of Unavailable 20th Century) now offers on its site a catalog of ebooks in which you can find rarities unavailable in paper format. Thanks to Bookagora, the search engine equipped with an artificial intelligence, it becomes very simple for the reader, the researcher, the professional or the librarian to find the book sought.

An iA for what?

Finding the book you need without knowing its title is not easy and finding a book that is not available in paper version is even less so. That’s what the FeniXX website is for!

Pierre-Yves Thomas, Managing Director of Pythagoria explains: “The Bookagoria search engine is the fruit of more than 20 years of research and use of artificial intelligence technologies in the service of written documents and culture. “.

Where a classic search engine only uses the book’s metadata, the Bookagoria engine uses artificial intelligence. She is able to delve into the heart of books. She questions the entire text, to provide readers with the most relevant response possible.
The Pythagoria processing chain integrates the latest developments in NLP (or Automatic Natural Language Processing) such as “transformers”, for generation of summaries, extraction of entities, semantic indexing: the analysis of works by these technologies allows a considerable enrichment of the metadata and, as a result, an increased relevance of the search results.

fenixx unavailable books from the 20th century ebook

85,400 unavailable books come back to life thanks to digital technology

The FeniXX project is extraordinary! Polar, novel, SF, romance, practical books, professional or academic books… all the editorial diversity of French publishers is present in this catalog.

Régis Habert, Managing Director of FeniXX comments: “It is not enough for FeniXX to offer a vast catalog of digital books that cover the entire 20th century in the major areas of publishing. Bookagoria is the first and only “serendipity” search engine capable of enabling readers to find books in the FeniXX catalog that they weren’t looking for! »

In addition, these books can be purchased directly from the FeniXX bookstore as well as in all French-speaking bookstores! Even if they are rare because they have become unavailable, these ebooks to read on all media are not more expensive. The average price is €7.49, the least expensive are €3.49. Another important point, there is no DRM, just watermarking for reading comfort.

Some reading ideas

The FeniXX catalog contains books in all themes: literature, thrillers, SF, romance, academics, humanities, politics, art, etc.
At FeniXX there are also long-term bestsellers but also reading desires that stick to current events.

As proof, themes like Ukraine (1970): Russians-and-Ukrainians – The Presidential (1996): These-sick-who-govern-us – The Cannes Film Festival (1993): Truffaut-correspondence Or on Malik Oussekine (1989): The-unworthy-death-of-Malik-Oussekine.
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FeniXX – 85,000 Vintage books boosted by artificial intelligence – IDBOOX

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