Familiarize yourself with the basics of cybersecurity

Good cybersecurity practices are great ways to protect yourself and others from cyberattacks.

At a time when screen time is on the rise, being “cyber smart” is more important than ever. After all, this year has already seen the number of attacks and data breaches increase and these cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated every day. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take daily to mitigate risk and stay ahead of hackers. Here are a few tips :

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds this second verification to verify your identity when logging into one of your accounts. By requiring multiple authentication methods, your account is further protected from compromise, even if your password is hijacked.

Use strong passwords and a password manager

It may seem obvious, but too often the implementation of strong passwords is overlooked. Over the past two years, individual login time has skyrocketed, which has contributed to more hackers looking for accounts to hack. Using long, complex, and unique passwords is a good way to prevent your account from being hacked. But, if you’re having trouble remembering all your long passwords, an easy way to keep track is to use a password manager.

Perform all software updates

When a device says it’s time to update the software, it can be tempting to just click “defer” and ignore the message. However, having the latest security software, web browser, and operating system updates on your devices is one of the best defenses against online threats. So, don’t wait!

Do some research

Before downloading anything new to a piece of equipment, do some research online. Before downloading a new app, make sure it is a safe app by checking who created the app, what user reviews say, and if there are any articles posted online about the app’s privacy and security features.

Check your settings

You have to be vigilant and double-check the privacy and security settings of all your devices and know who can access your documents. This extends from Google Docs to Zoom calls, and beyond. For example, when someone hosts Zoom meetings, passwords should be created so that only those invited to the session can attend and restrict who can share their screen or files with the rest of the participants.

Being “cyber smart” and maintaining excellent online behavior is the best way to protect yourself and others from cyberattacks. No piece of advice is foolproof, but applied together they can make a real difference. By taking preventive security measures, it is possible to reduce the consequences of attacks and avoid the loss of time, money and all the associated inconvenience.

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Familiarize yourself with the basics of cybersecurity

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