Facial recognition is installed, to simplify and monitor – Challenges

Smile, you pay. MasterCard announced last week that it had entered the test phase for its new “Smile and Pay” product, which makes it possible to pay using facial recognition. Around the world, facial recognition is gaining ground. Fascinating but intrusive technology, its use is advancing faster than the legislation that accompanies it. Whether it is to unlock your phone or issue a transfer quickly, our face is increasingly observed, dissected, stored. “Commercial uses such as unlocking your phone or this payment system contribute to the admissibility of this technology, to slide gently towards political use”, specifies Asma Mhalla, lecturer at SciencesPo, specialist in the political issues of the digital economy.

Facial recognition is a technique that uses biometric data to build a template of the user’s face. Then, an artificial intelligence uses this data to identify or authenticate this person, that is to say find a person or ensure that he is who he claims to be. Around the world, some countries have already installed it in public life, to reduce waiting times in the metro by making it easier to buy tickets, but also to monitor populations.

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Facial recognition is installed, to simplify and monitor – Challenges

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