Eyes’R allows cameras to detect the risk of work accidents

Putting artificial intelligence at the service of risk prevention in the workplace. That’s what it’s trying to do Eyes’R, which designs digital solutions aimed at making camera systems capable of detecting accident-prone situations. The startup, which was created in 2018 and whose head office is located in Montargis (Loiret), claims to have for “aim to offer the best existing innovations to enable companies to refocus on the protection of their human capital”. All this while simplifying the time-consuming tasks of administrative staff and employees. While one million work accidents were declared in France in 2020 according to health insurance, companies would have spent 3.5 billion to compensate for the effect of this phenomenon on their activity. A situation to which innovation can be a response.

Combining artificial and collective intelligence

To do this, the entrepreneur has developed a service based on two distinct and complementary modules. The first therefore combines video surveillance cameras and artificial intelligence in order to automatically detect risky situations and notify them in real time. The second focuses on collective intelligence, taking the form of a mobile application aimed at enabling all employees of a company to report a risky situation in 30 seconds. “The objective of Eyes’R is, in the long term, to become the digital toolbox for the prevention professions” thus ensures Maddyness Florian Ruen, the founder of the young shoot.

The company is currently targeting three industrial sectors. It claims in particular a handful of customers in the wood industry, which uses its solution to detect the possible lack of protective equipment using cameras and in order to obtain statistical data. The medical industry uses the service for risk reporting by employees. “The application allows, on average, to save up to five hours per week for the manager on piloting tasks” , advances the leader. Finally, the last contingent of customers comes from the logistics industry. The latter finds in Eyes’R a means of identifying risks within warehouses and taking corrective action. This would be particularly useful in the case of establishments whose area exceeds 5,000 square meters, according to Florian Ruen.

The startup markets its product in SaaS (software-as-a-service) via “a monthly or annual subscription adapted to the different sizes of companies” clients. It claims to face two direct competitors: the German Bleenco and the American Intenseye. However, it believes it can differentiate itself by focusing on the flexibility of its solution – which adapts to various sectors of activity. – coverage of the entire prevention chain – from the collection of data in the field to the sending of adequate notifications, as well as data confidentiality. The tool was designed according to the principle of “privacy by design”. If Eyes’R has never raised funds, it plans to carry out a first operation in 2022 with the aim of “finance its development”.

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Eyes’R allows cameras to detect the risk of work accidents

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