Eki.Vision, the meeting around AI to move towards sustainable business performance

Ekimetrics, European leader in data science, is organizing the new edition of its event on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) for companies: Eki.Vision. This time, five experts are expected to explain how this technology can help organizations move towards sustainable business performance. On the program: debates, discussions and testimonials from scientists and decision-makers from major companies. The event will take place online on Thursday, December 8 at 11 a.m. It will be held in English.


An event to understand how to reconcile economic and sustainable objectives

For this new edition, the Eki.Vision revolves around a question: How to reconcile economic and sustainable objectives? At a time when the environment is at the heart of business concerns, it is a major issue. Each seeks solutions to reconcile performance and sustainable development. The objective of this event is precisely to think about the levers that could be activated so that the strategies of today’s organizations are compatible with the world of tomorrow.

What if artificial intelligence and data had their role to play? It must be said that these two technologies are particularly effective for decision support, for predicting and anticipating. They are therefore full of opportunities to help companies move towards a more sustainable approach. It is still necessary to adopt an ethical approach to the use of algorithms and data. It is to help you see more clearly on this subject that will be held this unique event, Thursday, December 8, 2022.


Debates and testimonials from scientists and industry leaders

Several experts in science and artificial intelligence will intervene during the Eki.Vision. They will be accompanied by industry leaders. They will discuss during several debates, the first on data transformation. Is it a failure or a success? This is a question that Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou, Dean and Professor of Finance at Carnegie Mellon University, Asmita Dubey, Global Chief Digital & Marketing Officer at L’Oréal and Quentin Michard, Co-founder and Managing Director, will answer. from Ekimetrics.

A discussion will then follow between Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize in Economics and Jean-Baptiste Bouzige, Co-founder of Ekimetrics around change and its difficulties. The aim is to highlight the obstacles encountered by companies when implementing new actions, particularly ecological ones.

You will then have the opportunity to discover how AI is accelerating the sustainable transformation of societies. Nicolas Miailhe, Co-founder and President of The Future Society, Philippe Rambach SVP and Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Schneider Electric and Laurent Félix, Managing Director France of Ekimetrics will discuss the use of artificial intelligence to address cases of business climate use.

As you will have understood, renowned experts will be present to discuss the new role of AI in business development. Their points of view and experiences will come together to bring out answers to the many questions that accompany companies wishing to move towards sustainable business performance.

It is therefore an event not to be missed to understand how to combine economic and sustainable objectives. You will discover what role artificial intelligence has to play in it. You can register now at the event page.


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Eki.Vision, the meeting around AI to move towards sustainable business performance

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