Dramatron, an AI signed DeepMind capable of generating a film script

DeepMind is developing Dramatron, an AI to generate scripts for cinema or theater.

Have you ever had an idea for a movie or play, but didn’t have what it takes to write a complete script? DeepMind, a subsidiary of Alphabetdeveloped an artificial intelligence tool who might help you. Dramatron, as it is called, can generate character descriptions, story highlights, location descriptions, and dialogue. The idea is that human scriptwriters will be able to compile, edit, and rewrite Dramatron-generated content into a perfectly polished script. Dramatron is a bit like the ChatGPT of movie theaterin this direction.

DeepMind develops Dramatron, an AI to generate scripts

To use this tool, you will need a OpenAI API key and if you want to reduce the chances of Dramatron generating “offensive text”, a Perspective API key. To test Dramatron, all you have to do is fill in a movie idea, any movie idea, and Dramatron offers you a title that makes sense as well as character descriptions, certain scenes and other elements. The dialogs generated by theartificial intelligence are consistent but raw. For the rest, you’ll be surprised to find that Dramatron can spawn ideas that seem to be in your head, whether you gave it input or not.

Playwrights also seem convinced by this tool. To test the tool, the researchers had 15 playwrights and screenwriters collaborate to write scripts. According to the results of their study, playwrights said they would not use the tool get a complete script and found that the output of the AI ​​can be conventional. However, subject matter experts suggest that Dramatron would be useful for designing a world or exploring other plot or character approaches. This AI could also be very handy for “creative idea generation”.

for cinema or theater

That being said, one writer directed four plays using “extensively edited and rewritten scripts” that were put together with the help of Dramatron. DeepMind stated that experienced and highly talented actors “brought meaning to Dramatron’s scripts through their acting and interpretation”.

Using this toolartificial intelligence raises many questions in terms of paternity. Last year, a British court ruled that an artificial intelligence could not legally be credited as an inventor on a patent. DeepMind specifies that Dramatron can generate fragments of texts that were used to put the language model in place. In fact, if these fragments are used in an output script, it could lead to accusations of plagiarism. An aspect that screenwriters and human authors will have to manage themselves by reworking their script.

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Dramatron, an AI signed DeepMind capable of generating a film script

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