Dragon Ball: An artificial intelligence transforms the characters into babies

Whether you like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI for short) is a new creative process that many artists are experimenting with more and more. By simply entering descriptive phrases and references into various applications that use artificial intelligence, users produce works that are as intriguing as they are impressive. It is rarely a success, but the effect is there, and even if this technology is still in the experimental state, some may regret that it is clear that it has a bright future ahead of it.

On social networks, we are more in the second degree. All sorts of fan communities lend themselves to the game for fun, including those from anime and video games, who are increasingly adopting this new method of artistic production for fun. And when asked to do very realistic illustrations of our beloved characters from the Dragon Ball Z series as “cute babies”, the result was immediate. The artist Benmornin on Instagram recently made the decision to explore what an artificial intelligence could accomplish on the subject. The results are largely adorable, though some like Piccolo can be a little confusing to look at, see off the mark, as is usually the case with AI.

The best-known characters from Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise have been followed by fans at different stages of their development, and under different transformations. This includes the original Dragon Ball, released on December 3, 1984, but also its successors DBZ, DBGT (although Toriyama had little involvement with the series), and the current Dragon Ball Super series. In Dragon Ball’s first season, Goku is just a young boy, but throughout the story we’ve also seen flashbacks that show him as a newborn. And suddenly, it could be interesting to also have an idea of ​​what some of these characters could look like, as babies. This is where the artificial intelligence questioned by Benmorin comes in.

How an AI turns Dragon Ball heroes into babies?

In recent years, artist Benmornin has developed a series of famous character illustrations, “baby version”, using photos of babies as input for an AI painting program called Midjourney. As Benmornin explains, the command he entered responds to the following pattern:

” Cute baby [insérer le nom du personnage], hyper realistic, Unreal Engine, studio lighting, HDR, 8K, cute child face expression. »

If the results produced were significantly bad, Benmornin would insert images of those characters to help the AI ​​”learn”, so the AI ​​would have a better reference to work from. It’s a pretty intriguing art-making process for this Dragon Ball Z character operation.

If we observe the illustrations of Goku, Vegeta and Krillin, well-known characters from Dragon Ball Z, they look cute and their expression expresses their personality and characteristic rather well. While toddler Vegeta seems easily irritated looking grumpy at the camera, baby Goku shows an innocent look, and happy to participate in the photo shoot.

Other characters, like Bulma, Broly, or Frieza, are a little less recognizable. Although we recognize the main characteristics of these characters, they nevertheless somewhat resemble vintage “Troll” dolls (who remembers?).

Same for baby Kame Sennin, he is bald, with red sunglasses, and sports a white beard, but then on the other hand, baby Piccolo looks more like Yoda than anything else. But since artistic AI is a relatively new phenomenon, we won’t pay too much attention to the details.

What do you think of these Dragon Ball babies? But above all, do you think that artificial intelligence will continue in artistic creations, whether in painting or film productions? We already imagine a Dragon Ball Evolution 2 in AI. (Nope).

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Dragon Ball: An artificial intelligence transforms the characters into babies

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