Discover the MYHOOXY innovation, a new heart companion in e-health

The idea

First there was CardioSensys, the smart oximeter created by Slah Aridhi in 2017, with Sensoria Analytics in Sophia Antipolis. It is the same oximeter used in medicine to measure the oxygen level in the blood, to which is added artificial intelligence. Result, physiological and psychological data provided by the only volume of blood that passes through your veins, analyzed by the device. Now doubled as a mobile application, MYHOOXY becomes a heartfelt companion in e-health and Sensoria Analytics is launching a crowdfunding campaign.

The product

An oximeter is a device with a digital screen in which you put your index finger to know your heart rate. MYHOOXY goes further with a mobile application connected to the oximeter created by Sensoria Analytics, and uses all the information provided by this simple data. Rhythm, amplitude, heart rate variability, breathing, oxygenation, immediate stress, recovery power… We learn to listen to our heart to better fight against cardiovascular diseases, stress and silent hypoxia (depletion of oxygen in the body, especially in the case of coronavirus). Regular monitoring helps identify anomalies. You can enter five profiles on a single account (from 120 euros via KissKissBankBank.) “This is not a diagnostic tool, but an alert” says the founder.

The capital gain

Knowing how to breathe deeply improves the immune system. It is the University of Harvard which says it and proves it. A study with which Dr. Aridhi, founder and creator of MYHOOXY, totally agrees. “Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. I want to make the heart speak. Make it accessible to everyone. With MYHOOXY, it’s fun, you can do regular monitoring. It helped me a lot during my Covid. I was seeing the improvements and my stress was reducing.”


MYHOOXY is an extension of the smart oximeter created by Sensoria Analytics, which has won several awards and is the subject of a current fundraising of 1 million euros. MYHOOXY is the “family” version with a mobile app developed by a team of 10 people. A crowdfunding is launched on KissKissBankBank to favor the first thousand contributors (attractive price, lifetime subscription, access to all the features…) before looking for distributors to sell the solution.

The challenge

Slah Aridhi, founder, is looking for a sponsor for a project with the FondaMental Foundation (fight against mental illness). “Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for people with mental disorders”, he explains. He wishes to offer his medical oximeter (CardioSensys) to these centers to study the variability of heart rhythms, which is 93% effective in indicating an irregularity. The madness of big hearts? Post launched.

The goal

“Give everyone the keys to act as soon as possible, to take care of themselves. I don’t like the expression “Take your pain patiently”. What I want is quite the opposite. “ MYHOOXY wants to be the companion of heart in e-health of the daily life of families. But also athletes. The founder, Slah Aridhi, is developing a program for top athletes, with skiers from a European national team and skippers.“In this use, our smart oximeter will mainly help to comply with the coach’s instructions. No cheating. We see live if the instructions are followed, the improvements that there are…” The heart asset of athletes too.


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Discover the MYHOOXY innovation, a new heart companion in e-health

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