DIRECT. France-Croatia (0-1): the Blues push to equalize

86″. Rabiot does not catch the frame.

On a lobbed pass from Digne, Rabiot controls the ball but his shot does not find the target.

84″. Coman stumbles on Stanisic.

The French winger strikes on the left side but is well taken over by his teammate at Bayern. The corner gave nothing.

83″. Griezmann joins Zidane.

82″. 65th consecutive match with the Blues for Griezmann!

80″. 14 shots for the Blues, 3 for the Croats…

79″. Griezmann replaces Guendouzi.

The Marseillais comes out under the whistles of the Stade de France. There are ten minutes left to make a difference!

77″. Note that France still does not know its first opponent at the World Cup… Extension between Australia and Peru!

75″. The Blues are better in the second period.

Harmless and dominated in the first period, the Blues show a better face in the second act.

73″. Coman enters in place of Nkunku.


Lovro Majer receives the ball in the penalty area and arms a powerful strike, well repelled by Maignan.

68″. Mbappé touched.

After an intervention by Juranovic, Mbappé remained on the ground for a long time, hit in the left ankle. He resumed his place but he limps. Coman will come into play.

67″. Yellow card for Rabiot.

Launched into the area, Lucas Digne seems pushed by Majer. The referee does not designate the penalty spot, which knocks Rabiot out of his hinges. Yellow card.

66″. Nkunku’s dismay.

65″. Change for Croatia.

Pasalic gives way to Rennes player Lovro Majer.

64″. Chouameni middle boss

The new Real Madrid midfielder touched 25 balls in 13 minutes of play.

60″. Mbappé’s failure!!

Nkunku sends Mbappé deep, but the Parisian fails to score and stumbles on Ivusic. The corner gives nothing.

59″. What an intervention from Tchouaméni!

After a bad header from Pavard, Juranovic gives the ball to Pasalic in the area, but he stumbles on Tchouaméni.

57″. The Croats calm things down.

Following the two French opportunities, the Croats put their foot back on the ball and rotated in the middle.


After a great opportunity from Benzema, it’s Mbappé’s turn to stand out. The PSG striker fires a shot out of the area, but it’s off target!


51″. Nkunku finds Ivusic’s gloves.

On the left, the Leipzig player attempted a cross shot, without much danger for Ivusic.

50″. Yellow card for Brozovic.

The midfielder of Inter is warned, after an anti-game foul on Nkunku. Mbappé’s free kick does nothing.


After a nice deep pass from Kovacic, Budimir comes alone against Maignan. His shot is stopped by the French goalkeeper. He was eventually flagged offside.

48″. Mbappé is looking for the flaw!

On the right wing, Mbappé chained the hooks but his center found no one. The Blues push.

47″. The Blues do not fit in the first period.

46″. Here we go again at the Stade de France!

Tchouaméni and Pavard enter in place of Koundé and Kamara.

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DIRECT. France-Croatia (0-1): the Blues push to equalize

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