Didier Bourdon: “We are preparing the return of the Unknowns on TF1”

Beyond the plot which shows how the presence of a human robot within a family is not obvious, “The Perfect Man” evokes the question of artificial intelligence and its dangers. What do you think ?

It’s a film shot three years ago but which remains relevant. While waiting for Elon Musk’s humanoid robot that can do everything at home, I think we should think about the human consequences of such inventions on our lives. It is clear that my character Franck ends up taking umbrage with this robot so perfect, obeying the finger and the eye. What is his place as a man, a husband, a father in a house governed by algorithms and programs? What is it used for ? What make his couple waver.

Can this kind of robot programmed to do everything escape us, become dangerous?

Some scientists warn us because they can have unpredictable, inadequate reactions even if they are programmed. Well, it’s not the HAL 9000 robot from Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” that revolts and takes power, but you have to be careful. In fact, it always comes back to Frankenstein’s creature which ends up escaping him.

At the same time, Florence (Valérie Karsenty) who bought this robot, is delighted to escape household chores. Why deprive yourself of it?

Exactly. Beyond the interest she finds there, she has a benevolent look without asking too many questions about her place within the couple. Not enough to make a drama out of it, with director Xavier Durringer, we stay in the field of comedy.

In which you take full face…

Yes, but I like my character, a little quirky but good-hearted, and who shares beers with his friend – Philippe Duquesne who is brilliant! I have a King Kong side that I have loved since I was little. And it’s no coincidence that I find myself in a relationship with Valérie, with whom I played “Les Inséparables” at the theatre.

Just a year ago, you released an album “Le Bourdon”, in which you let go. “Why are you taking up singing, Ducon? “, do you sing. Yes why ?

Because I’ve always loved music and we wrote a few hit songs with Les Inconnus, like Isabelle a les yeux bleus and Neuilly-Auteuil-Passy. I always try to put a touch of humor and poetry in my texts. I will soon sing on stage in Narbonne and pursue the case.

Your old song “On Peuplu rien dire” has not aged. Still relevant for you?

More than ever and I am told today that Les Inconnus was ahead. Speech censorship, we saw it coming. Some push the slider too far. We no longer know if we have the right to say that and not that. Infernal. This gives power to the extremes. We, diversity, we practiced it from our beginnings with Pascal or Smaïn. I am for a benevolent France, not that of the Tartuffes, false devotees who are not lacking today.

And the return of the Unknowns to the cinema or on stage, when is it?

Precisely, we are preparing two special programs “Les Inconnus” for the end of the year on TF1. We will talk about the genesis of our sketches and we will rediscover a few others like Pascal imitating Joséphine Baker. We’re going to have fun wondering if some very biting texts could be shown on television today and, presto, we’ll play them. If we ever had to go back on stage, which is not impossible but not done yet, alas, we would play our sketches again but reviewed and corrected. What our audience and younger generations expect as we see on social networks.

“The Perfect Man”, in theaters June 22.

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Didier Bourdon: “We are preparing the return of the Unknowns on TF1”

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