Dataiku unicorn raises $200 million

Dataiku raises $200 million to further develop its enterprise data analytics platform and its artificial intelligence tools and thus impose itself on the market of Artificial Intelligence in business.

Daitaku wants to democratize the use of data in business

Dataiku is a unicorn, now based in the USA, founded in 2013 by Florian Douetteau (ENS). It develops a platform allowing each employee, regardless of their role, access data science tools andartificial intelligence. Its objective is to democratize these uses so as not to leave this prerogative to a few data scientists.

Various tools are referenced, ranging from data visualization to analysis, including the use of artificial intelligence technologies. Among the solutions developed by Dataiku are tools for tracking electricity consumption in factories, solutions that improve the efficiency of R&D in the pharmaceutical industry, data analysis for the maintenance of gas networks or even applications to optimize work in marketing. “Companies massively understand that now is the time to adopt AI, or else risk falling behind,” said Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku.

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The AI ​​craze allowed Dataiku to raise funds

Artificial intelligence is all the rage in Silicon Valley, but even on this technology that everyone loves, the macroeconomic context makes it very difficult to find fresh capital. Admittedly the company managed to raise $200 million in Series F, but its estimated valuation of $3.7 billion is down from August 2021, when the young shoot had raised 400 million valuing it at 4.6 billion dollars. The fundraising is led by Wellington Management, a new investor. In one economic context marked by layoffs, this new investment will allow Dataiku to approach the year 2023 with more serenity and thus pursue its development objectives.

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Dataiku claims 500 enterprise customers and 150 million annual recurring revenue

The unicorn claims more than 500 customers, of which more than 150 are large companies. For example, NATO chose Dataiku to develop and deploy artificial intelligence projects in the field. Among large companies, BNP ParibasUnilever and Sephora make up the Dataiku portfolio. With its 1,000 employees (150 more than in 2021) and its six offices (New York, Paris, London, Munich, Sydney and Singapore), Dataiku will take advantage of this new money to continue to innovate and establish itself as a major player in the market..

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To conclude, despite an unfavorable context for capital increases, Dataiku, the start-up founded in France and now established in New York, has succeeded in succeeding thanks to its tools allowing it to quickly generate value for its customers.

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Dataiku unicorn raises $200 million

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