Darktrace: The world’s first autonomous cyber defense platform – Challenges

Can you introduce Darktrace?

Darktrace is a company created in 2013 in Cambridge, United Kingdom, by mathematicians and intelligence agents from the British MI-6 in particular. Its founders have developed a software solution that helps secure organizations against cyber threats using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

What risks are companies exposed to?

In a world of constantly changing technology, with information circulating in an increasingly volatile way, security incidents have become unavoidable. Any company or organization is vulnerable if it is connected to cyberspace. Cyberattacks are increasingly sophisticated and the challenges to be met are numerous because the threat constantly weighs on information systems: theft of assets, espionage, blocking of production, embezzlement, industrial destabilization… , this threat is diffuse because its origins are heterogeneous. They can be States, professional pirates, competitors or disgruntled collaborators.

In this context, what is the added value of your solution?

The old approach to computer security, which relies on a principle intended to stop any threat at the entrance to the network, no longer works. Our solution represents a new generation of cyber defense able to manage uncertainty by detecting new attacks and insider threats as soon as they arise. To do this, Darktrace’s self-learning Artificial Intelligence, installed in the information systems of organizations, operates autonomously by feeding itself, without interruption, from the information it receives. It thus takes proportionate decisions to thwart ongoing cyberattacks. It detects furtive threats, such as Ransomware, and interrupts complex attacks from the identification phase. Scalable, our system can be integrated into any type of environment, both in the cloud and in SaaS, and protects digital systems regardless of their size.

What are your perspectives ?

The recent acquisition of the Dutch company Cybersprint has enabled Darktrace to develop a new prevention solution currently installed in beta testing with some of our customers. Called Darktrace Prevent, this solution identifies vulnerabilities and closes risky access routes within organizations. Based on Darktrace’s Artificial Intelligence, it is designed to give a complete view of attack trajectories in order to allow its users to allocate the necessary resources to defend their key assets and to put in place best practices. It will complement our product range at a time when cybersecurity is becoming a priority for businesses and organizations. The latter are in fact increasingly aware of the threat and now seek to anticipate it rather than suffer it. When the damage is done, it’s too late… Protecting against risks means anticipating them. For this, it is necessary to deploy appropriate means of protection or be able to provide a graduated response.

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Darktrace: The world’s first autonomous cyber defense platform – Challenges

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