Ctoutvert continues to invest in artificial intelligence

Ctoutvert, booking management specialist for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry (HPA), designer of the Secureholiday.net online availability and booking search system, into which she integrated in 2019, “Holly-D”, a creative chatbot estimate developed with Synapse Development, is now investing in predictive AI to enable directors of leisure establishments to anticipate qualitative and quantitative changes in demand.

Ctoutvert, a Toulouse-based company created in October 2000, publisher of e-commerce and distribution software for the tourism sector, is a major European player in the HPA sector. In addition to Secureholiday.net, its online booking software for Campsites and Villages and its Secureimmo platform, intended for real estate agencies, it offers distribution and referencing tools as well as CRM communication and RM analysis services | BIManager and a CRM-BI-RM suite (Customer Relationship Management – ​​Business Intelligence – Revenue Management).

“Holly-D”, the chatbot that has been added to the Secureholiday.net platform, allows potential customers to find out about the various offers and, if they suit them, to book their stay online. It has allowed campsites to significantly increase their conversion rate. Ctouvert’s new efforts are aimed at the CRM-BI-RM suite and the new AI applications will be effective next fall.

The CRM-BI-RM suite of the Securehoilday.net platform

The Secureholiday.net platform allows Ctoutvert customers to access many interconnected services: online sales systems, central reservations, CRM, BI and RM analysis, e-reputation, Channel Manager and web referencing.

The CRM tool allows tourism companies to communicate throughout the year with customers and prospects through newsletters according to their habits of stay, but also the filling needs and customer relations of the establishment.

The BI-RM analysis provides them with a very precise vision of their daily activity, with a comparison with the previous season(s).

What predictive AI will bring to this sequel

While this suite allows campsite teams to communicate with their customers based on their previous buying behaviors and accommodations occupied in the past, these new AI applications will add predictability to it. ML algorithms will answer the questions managers are asking: Who will book, for which destination, when? » thanks to the data of each campsite.

They will enable them to anticipate qualitative and quantitative changes in demand. Thus, they will be able to adjust their strategy in real time to ensure good filling, for example by reviewing their prices, no longer according to past demand but to future demand.

AI will thus provide them with a clear competitive advantage.

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Ctoutvert continues to invest in artificial intelligence

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