Content writing by AI: how does it work?

Writing articles for the web is increasingly concerned with artificial intelligence (AI). It also appears to be a tempting solution for businesses. What are its advantages and disadvantages ? We take stock.

What is artificial intelligence-assisted writing?

Technological prowess has made it possible to develop a device to help in the production of content: writing assisted by artificial intelligence (RAI). In other words, a machine can now translate, correct and even write texts understandable by humans without the need for an editor. This progress is made possible thanks to algorithms.

The latter analyze a large quantity of texts to understand and assimilate their structures, syntax, vocabulary… Once done, they allow a “writer” robot to produce different types of texts. However, he must be accompanied in his task. The content producer must enter various textual data in the writing tool (key phrases, keywords on which they wish to position themselves, an introduction, a plan, etc.). From then on, the robot is able to produce a text that more or less conforms to the rules of web language.

The Benefits of AI Content Writing

AI drafting has several advantages. First of all, it accompanies professionals in the search for subjects. The robots can analyze existing content, suggest ideas for themes and angles to tackle. Thus, the editors benefit from a support tool, which allows them to save time and to concentrate on the other marketing strategies put in place by the company. By reducing production time, it is possible toincrease productivity and improve return on investment.

Another advantage: the technology makes it possible to automate certain time-consuming tasks, such as SEO optimization, a way of gain visibility on the web without necessarily being an expert on the subject.

The Disadvantages of AI Content Writing

The main challenge of artificial intelligence-assisted writing is the quality. Can technology produce content as good as skilled writers? That is the question. Most experts believe the opposite, especially since RAI is still in its infancy and still has many limitations. Indeed, technology today relies solely on the technical aspect and is devoid of human logic.

Texts often lack style, emotion, relevance, coherence and judgement, which limits the possibilities for capturing the attention of Internet users and standing out from competitors. As for thespelling, it is generally approximate. A systematic check is essential! For these few reasons, AI-assisted writing looks unattractive on paper. The use of web editors remains necessary and they do not have to worry about their jobs, at least for the moment.

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Content writing by AI: how does it work?

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