Comedian Jérémy Ferrari as a researcher on stage & Artificial Intelligence with Luc Julia

2022: a historic turning point for Artificial Intelligence, with Luc Julia

2022 will surely remain a tipping point in the history of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and even in the History of our civilization: the advent of an AI capable of producing all types of text and all types of images on user demand. Creative and generative,

AI, which can generate works and

some information when search engines find their answers by sorting through all the layers of the web…

To understand what it is exactly where it takes us, one of the world’s leading specialists in Artificial Intelligence came to light up our boxes this morning! Computer engineer, new Scientific Director of Renault and co-creator of the voice assistant

SIRI : Luke Julia.

The one who only spends ten days a month at his office in Boulogne-Billancourt, continuing to go back and forth with California and its poles of cutting-edge industry, tells about himself in his latest book,

A Frenchman in Silicon Valleypublished by Kennes on September 21, 2022.

How I reinvented myself, with Jérémy Ferrari

With him every show is an icebergthe emerged part ofan in-depth investigation, counter-arguedof which he delivers the juice on stage and deposits the sources in free access.

With that, Jérémy Ferrari not only fills the halls but he is one of the few comedians who can fill the 20,000 seats at the Accor Arena twice. This is its common point, perhaps the only one, with Florence Foresti and Jean-Marie Bigard! His first appearance on TV dates back to 2010, he was 25, it was in We only ask to laugh at Laurent Ruquier.

Before the high point of this tour in March 2024,

he is touring the Zeniths with his new show General anaesthesia. It is about “health”: that ofa care system cornered by the logic of profitabilityhis own too, since for the first time, he dares the “I” on stage, where he tackles head-on his mental disorders and his years of addiction.

Like a scientific researcher who shines on stage, accompanied by his research work

For this show, which he started long before the Covid-19 pandemic, he amassed a huge amount of material for two years, he consulted biologists, doctors, journalists, caregivers, individuals, he even opened a mailbox where people could send their testimonials. He is one of the few comedians to never write a line before having completed a kind of thesis, an accumulation of information like a researcher on his subject. He says that’s all that makes the salt, the particularity of his one man show, in order to offer the spectators something different, which they have never seen. Each time it is a question of going as deep as possible into the subject, of transmitting it to the general public on a humorous line: “I start by choosing a societal theme then I dig into it as much as possible where comedians usually skim over these same themes. I take one, then I dig it deep. For my show around religion, I first took care to read the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, I met imams, pastors, rabbis. After this peeled work, I realized that my valves were much better by moving away as much as possible from clichés and blunders. This allows me to offer a show where we don’t talk nonsense, or as little as possible. When you take a theme and you dig into it, you come up with valves that no one has ever heard.

Moreover, the public can consult his research files, his interviews, his quotes, his data, all the statistics, all the scientific demonstrations on which he relied are accessible. It is all this collected information that he strives to make understandable on stage by a kind of popular science that borrows a lot of humor at the same time. He does not hesitate either to contradict himself, to present opposite affirmations. He carries out a whole work of counter-argumentation in order to ensure an objective questioning throughout his shows.

Can’t we laugh at everything anymore?

An interpretation that has become systematic among many people, starting with many comedians and which deeply annoys the 37-year-old comedian who believes that if censorship still exists, it only concerns very few comedians in France and that the public often tends to confuse criticism and censorship, which are not the same thing: “there are very few comedians in France who are really affected by censorship. There are still 90% who make humor rather for the general public and who are not concerned by this question. However, as soon as we ask them the question, they are very happy to say that we can say nothing more… Above all, people often confuse criticism on Twitter with censorship. Censorship, of course it exists but I don’t think there is more than before. There are inevitably and fortunately things that we can no longer say because society has evolved. For example, you can’t treat a question about racism the same way today as you did 20 years ago. In all eras, we had to fight for freedom of expression, there has always been contextual censorship“.

Musical programming of the show

  • Rosalia & Tokischa – “The Versace Jumpsuit”, 2022
  • Stromae – “Laugh”, 2022

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Comedian Jérémy Ferrari as a researcher on stage & Artificial Intelligence with Luc Julia

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