ChatGPT: the crypto world already uses it massively, here’s how

ChatGPT cannot yet predict crypto prices, but it can still save cryptocurrency players significant amounts of time and money. If you lived in a cave: ChatGPT is an incredibly realistic and universal AI which allows it to generate detailed answers, in natural language (the texts are difficult or even impossible to discern from texts that would be written by humans), to the questions you ask it.

ChatGPT’s underlying model, still in beta, had access to a vast amount of data taken from the internet, until the end of 2021. We can thus ask him, for example, to explain to you in a synthetic way the role of quarks in the atomic nucleus. Or to explain the differences in point of view between Nietzsche, Kant and Hegel. But also to generate code from an instruction in any language (or to analyze code in search of errors).

ChatGPT is already establishing itself as a helper and accelerator in the world of crypto

The questions that can be asked to ChatGPT are not limited to the examples we have just cited. And even if, for the moment, some answers are unreliable, the result is on the whole so fast, rather correct and useful that many experiment with this tool, when some do not fully integrate it into their working methods – in production.

Our colleagues from Fortune cite, among other things, the example of the firm Zellic (specialist in blockchain security) which decided to encourage its call center advisers to use ChatGPT to improve sales and customer support. Concretely, the AI ​​helps these advisers, for the overwhelming majority of them unskilled, to pass for real specialists in tech and cryptos.

Impossible to fault them: if they don’t know the answer to a client’s question, ChatGPT discreetly takes over. Smart contract auditing firm CertiK uses ChatGPT to find bugs and vulnerabilities in contracts faster – as well as to synthesize complex pages of code and add comments to them, or write digests of academic papers that help its teams develop products faster.

Some go even further: a young Canadian, Tomiwa Ademidun, relied on ChatGPT to downright code a crypto wallet from A to Z and generate a detailed user guide with diagrams. And of course, we are not talking about the countless other cases of actors who, for example, ask ChatGPT for the code to generate an NFT from an image, to create a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, or even to automate cryptocurrency transactions…

And all this, without the prerequisite of in-depth knowledge of the languages ​​in question. Sure, it should be pointed out, however, that ChatGPT is also sometimes wrongand that the data stops at 2021. However, once one accepts and understands the implication of these reservations, it is clear how the ChatGPT beta can already, as it stands, considerably speed up the task of crypto players.

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ChatGPT: the crypto world already uses it massively, here’s how

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