ChatGPT soon to be used by Bing, or how Microsoft wants to unbolt Google

Google may have something to worry about. Microsoft is on the verge of integrating the technology behind the ChatGPT conversational agent into its famous Bing search engine, several sources close to the company report to The Information and Bloomberg.

Better answers on Bing?

The upcoming integration of ChatGPT with Bing would be the first commercial use of the AI ​​developed by OpenAI. Currently, ChatGPT is able to generate synthetic answers to a question in natural language. To answer, the agent relies on a colossal mass of data stored in deep learning, until 2021. Connecting ChatGPT to the Internet using Bing could thus produce constructed, consensual responses based on real-time information. A real revolution that would allow Microsoft’s search engine to offer better quality answers to Internet users’ queries.

Its ability to combine information from several different sources could thus prevent users from scrolling through entire pages of results. A profound change in the way of searching for information on the Internet that Microsoft is still exploring. The precision of the answers and the speed of integration of ChatGPT would be under evaluation by the engineers of the firm. A first version of Bing with AI could see the light of day in the coming months. A source close to the company mentions a commissioning close to March. The improved version of the engine could, initially, be offered to a restricted group of users in order to fine-tune the settings of the AI.

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Microsoft and OpenAI, partners since 2019

As a reminder, the organization behind ChatGPT, OpenAI, is notably supported by Microsoft’s investment of one billion dollars in 2019. To train its models, OpenAI can also count on Azure, the company’s cloud service. founded by Bill Gates. “Microsoft will become OpenAI’s preferred partner for the commercialization of new AI technologies”explained the partnership signed in July 2019 between OpenAI and the Redmond giant.

However, isn’t the implementation of ChatGPT premature? The latest public tests have shown that the conversational agent is a pathological liar. The AI ​​does not hesitate to respond by communicating false information, while assuring the Internet user of the veracity of the facts stated. A bias that could be corrected with a deeper update of its operating scheme. ChatGPT’s small flaws made Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, say that it was a “wrong to rely on it for anything important right now.” And to ensure: “We have a lot of work to do on robustness and truthfulness.” A reflection that should not fail to be taken into account by Microsoft engineers.

Upcoming arrival of DALL∙E on Bing

However, ChatGPT will not be the first merger between Bing and a technology developed by OpenAI. Last October, Microsoft announced the integration of the DALL∙E 2 tool within Bing. The tool should thus be used to generate images directly from a new toolits search engine, with a simple sentence. “The deployment of DALL∙E 2 in Microsoft products and services reflects how the company’s investment in AI research infuses AI into everything it builds, produces and delivers to help all the world to drive productivity and innovation”evoked then the American firm.

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ChatGPT soon to be used by Bing, or how Microsoft wants to unbolt Google

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