Catering is struggling to recruit: “Assisted French people who prefer to stay on their sofa with crisps”

While hundreds of thousands of seasonal jobs are not filled, lawyer Sarah Saldmann got carried away on the set of RMC, this Monday, May 16.

Looking for servers. While a good number of people are unemployed, one sector is particularly in search of labour, catering.

Indeed, with the coming summer, seasonal job offers continue to increase but do not find takers.

How to explain such a phenomenon ? What are the solutions envisaged to overcome the problem?

Seasonal immigration is a solution that is already beginning to gain ground, despite the number of unemployed in France. Indeed, some call on Tunisian employees, others Colombians, for the most part.

According to BFMthere are still 200,000 seasonal positions to be filled in France.

“Young people don’t want to work anymore”

On the Hérault coast, we complain that no one wants to work and that we will have to recruit foreigners who will be willing to fulfill these functions.

“For a long time some people have abused the profession in terms of workload, wages…”, explains a restaurant employee who is both worried and surprised.

“But today young people no longer want to bother and work. It’s another generation. Before, we may have worked too much, but today, the job, which remains difficult in terms of schedules, no longer attracts people. everything. But there are double standards all the same”, he adds, annoyed.

An opinion shared by the profession but also by the lawyer Sarah Saldmann who spoke on the subject this Monday, May 16 at the microphone of the Big mouths of RMC.

But she puts forward another reason: the French prefer social assistance to employment under certain conditions.

“A France of assisted people, who don’t want to give a shit”

She announces: “These people are paid the minimum wage and it is not attractive insofar as we have people on a benefit infusion, on aid infusion, who are sprawled on their sofa eating crisps all the day in front of the TV and they say to themselves: “Oh well, no, I don’t work”. ass on the sofa and I’m not going to fuck anything…””

\ud83d\udcc9 Labor shortage in catering: Immigration, the solution?

\ud83d\udca5 @SarahSaldmann : “As long as we have a France of assisted people who don’t want to give a shit, we will have to find undesirable alternative solutions!”#GGRMC

— The Big Mouths (@GG_RMC) May 16, 2022

Before temporizing his remarks shortly after a little: “We should increase salaries and make things more attractive.”

Before adding: “It’s very very hard to be a server, we’re up all day, so there are tips for sure, but it’s not easy.”

“As long as we have a France of assistance, which does not want to give a damn, well we will have to find alternative solutions which are not necessarily desirable.”

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Catering is struggling to recruit: “Assisted French people who prefer to stay on their sofa with crisps”

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